The Things People Do...

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  1. What is wrong with this picture?

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  2. cant tell much from that pic ,but it appears to be the pass side front fender apron.and battery box area ?
  3. agreed. a better picture would be nice
  4. i have restored somewhere in the area of 200 cars and parted out that many more ,mostly Mustangs .some of the things i have seen would send you screaming with fear and disbelief .
    how about rotted away floors repaired with mesh screen and bondo over?
    rotted out quarters stuffed with steel wool and bondo over ,or better yet stuffed with news paper and bondo over. or ,and my absolute favorite, rotted rockers with pipe ran down them and filled with cement :rlaugh:
  5. Well guys sorry about the bad pic but someone has screwed the battery tray to a piece of wood. The wood is in between the tray and the apron. The bolts are long enough to go through to the apron.....
  6. i did something similar, but my floor pans were actually pretty solid overall but had a couple of rust holes in them, i used duct tape and roofing sealer to patch the holes. wasnt ideal but it worked.

    a friend of mine actually used old T shirts to fill a rust hole in an old nova, and then bondo over that.

    never even heard of that.