The thread of the nicest FOXES!

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  1. Hey, I have a friend who says that fox mustangs are ugly. :shrug:
    Lets show this kid the best of the best. Post other people's cars, whatever, lets just see the :nice: !
  2. IMO, Raininfire has one of the nicest, cleanest foxes ive ever seen

  3. Sureshot, Almoststock, Mansonnzz(sp), 5.0droptop's old car, and the really really shinny black one(dont know his SN off the top of my head.) Those are a few...
  4. Nice! Pictures pictures pictures!
  5. [​IMG]

    Thats Sureshot(mike's) car, i'm fairly certain hes asleep since its like ~1230 in london. I'm sure he'll post better ones tomorrow.
  6. [​IMG]

    heres mine

  7. those rims are hawt on that car :cheers:
  8. I am in love with this man's car... :hail2:
  9. I have always loved the Fox Bodies, I don't care what anyone says. My personal fav is the 93 Cobra (because I own 1)

    My 93 at the Fabulous Fords show

  10. Stang22 and Almost stock get my vote for GT..Mansonozz for the vert, and don't know his name, but the gentleman with the notch and T-tops I saw posted on this site some days ago for LX...these are my choices without doubt.
  11. Here's mine:

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  12. I've never posted pics before, lets see if these work.
    EDIT: Hey, they worked. Both pics are when it was stock motored. First run (against the civic) was the best with it. 13.41 @ 100. Second (notice red light) was like a 13.60 or 13.70 at 98 or so.
  13. that is a beautiful car
  14. Hey thanks for putting up my car. Here are some more pictures for you:

  15. I don't know if mine's in the same league as all these nice cars but, here it is anyway.

  16. *Falls outta chair*

    Ok, my car doesn't even hold a candle.... :(