The thread of the nicest FOXES!

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  1. Oh you mean on the warped air dam? Yea! I should've posted something, but yea they took care of it, I had to wait all weekend because they were off, but just to make them happy I took a heat gun and let it sit there for like an hour and it didnt do anything, I took a picture of me holdinig the heat gun to it and sent it to them. After that they were extremley helpful in getting me a new one, they emailed me a shipping label right away, and didnt even wait to get it back, they tracked it saw it was shipped and sent out the new one, it was at my door in 2 days, on a Saturday actually so I was pretty happy overall. I realize this kind of stuff happens so as long as they are willing to help I can be patient.
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  2. Glad to hear it! Post up some pics once you get it installed.
  3. Little shot under the hood.
  4. 89SSC18 that thing is stupid clean, haha.
  5. Aaaah Shucks,, Thanks!
  6. +1 absolutely frigan gorgeous!!! superclean!! no disrespect im drooling picturing your sparkplug wires in black & strut tower brace in chrome
  7. Thanks for the complement! I've considered swapping to black wires. But the yellow seems to work on my car. All my chassis bracing is yellow. Front STB, rear STB, my rollbar, and IMG_1103.jpg K member brace underneath. (no pic)
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  8. ru7ahumy.jpg uvu2amed.jpg azeha9e9.jpg
    Well, since she's washed and waxed, and I got my saleens on now... Heres my baby! BTW, I have that same shock tower brace and seeing yours in yellow makes me want to pull mine off and get it powdercoated red ! Looks great in your car!

    sent from a dude, with a sweet fox mustang!

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  9. Been a few years since I posted .Still have the the car..
    P6020025.jpg 100_1675.jpg 100_1004.jpg 100_1000.jpg
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  10. What a great car! I can't give you enough props man:hail:
  11. Clean and classic
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  12. 18" cobras? Looks good
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  13. Yes , Thanks.
    michelin pilot supersports
  14. IMG_0889.JPG

    After a 6 year absence, I am finally getting the 5 lug conv and new suspension on....
  15. I oftened wondered what those rims would look like on our color schemes Silverone. Looks great!
  16. Still one of my favorite cars on this site
  17. Boss 338's? I bought some in black, had em on for a day. Exchanged em cuz the offset was wrong. They pushed out too much in the rear..

  18. Ya....I got them really cheap and thought Id try them on for size. I don't really like the finish of them either. And with a 14mm offset I doubted I was going to get the look I wanted. Thinking maybe these would look/fit better.