The time has come...EVIL SSP gets painted

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  1. Well guys it's happening. For real this time. The coupe is in the garage getting stripped and body worked as i type. It's almost surreal :eek:

    Probably be 120 hours of body work and prep going into it before it's all said and done. Details and progress pics to come shortly :rock:
  2. Woot.

    Congrats and keep the pics coming!
  3. I'll probably have some pics of the tear down posted up tomorrow night. It's crazy how it gets worse before it gets better.

    I'm also realizing really fast that it's gonna snowball into redoing the whole interior too because now it's gonna look so good outside that the inside is gonna look even worse.
  4. Awesome news man!!! Specs? What color and all that good stuff??
  5. Finally! Your car is so badass, dude! Subscribing for pics and progress...
  6. We're still sorting the paint out. It's gonna be some kind of 2 tone but damn it EVERYBODY is doing the 2 tone on the body line scheme and i'll be damned if i follow suit :lol:

    We're trying to work it out somehow to make it stand out from the crowd. Everyone does it because it works so well with the body lines. We're gonna be working with really dark colors...some kind of charcoal blacks or black mica...stuff like that. It's gonna work a lot with the lines of the Pacecar nose. Right now we're thinking it'll be done by the end of the month but we'll see...probably need to replace the trunk lid and i'm looking for a '79 rear bumper to match the front.
  7. I scratched out a half assed teaser pic. It's about as dark as i could color it without mudding all the details together. For the top i'm thinking about a black mica color...really dark but metallic/pearl enough to not be just jet black. The bottom i want something a few shades lighter but not silver, like a dark shadow grey. Ford has a color called Sterling Grey Metallic that i like a lot but it may be too light for what i'm going for. Pontiac has a color called Black Mica that i really like for the top. For the stripe i'm not yet sold on red because it's so common. I might go with a bright silver or maybe even Ford Blue to match my engine. The window trim is all getting satin black and eventually the windows will get tinted.

    Go easy on the chicken took all of 5
  8. damn i wish i had the time. id soooooooo come down and help you with the body work. its been so long since ive got to get my hands covered in bondo dust that i miss it :sad: im bout to strip the cobra hood just becasue a few spots of clear are chipped from rocks lol. if your still working on it come spring break for me...2 weeks away. ill be down south visitng family and id be up for a trip to cincy from there!
  9. Plated is handling the work...he says we should be done in 3 weeks tops so we'll see how it goes. We still haven't settled on a design yet.
  10. The drawing looks nice.

  11. I'm calling :bs:

    There still isn't ANY pix!!!:mad:

    lol J/K man!:D
  12. Another two tone w/ pin stripe? Oh well, I'd like to see some pics too.
  13. Me likey the paint scheme! lol Sterling grey is a sick ass color. Check out Ford Tuxedo black, its a really cool black! Get the pics comin! I know what you mean about how it gets worse before it gets better. My car looked like a total jalopy in primer and four hours later it looks like a solid car with just a lil paint on it. I can't wait to see this thing done man, gonna look awesome!

  14. That's good chicken scratch right there!


  15. We're debating on doing a 2 tone police style scheme now. Similar to what the Florida SSP's got but maybe with black and silver instead of the black and cream.

  16. Eh, I think without it being a full blown ssp with the lights and trooper writing it would look wierd. I think your car would look sexy with your drawing.
  17. PICS PICS PICS!!! :D
  18. I like this ! But then again I'm partial to two tone :nice:
  19. Another idea i have is basically the same 2 tone but instead of the whole top, just do the top of the hood and fenders down to the grill and nothing else. Most people either love that one or hate it.

    Similar to this but not with the grabber blue and not black up the A pillars.