The time has come...EVIL SSP gets painted

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  1. I like the idea of stickin with the SSP vibe personally! The blue/black idea looks cool as well. Keep us updated, ide like to see what you end up deciding!
  2. That is the way to go I think, to stay away from the traditional two tone that everyone is butchering.......... lol.

    My buddy is doing something similar on his 95 vert.
  3. this looks pretty cool. i think it would look cool in the two tone like this, meaning do the front like this pic, but paint the roof black as well and do the same to the trunk as you did to the front. (A and C pillars would be black too, of course)
  4. That first sketch is bad a$$, Can't wait to see some pics of the paint job!
  5. I wanted to do the trunk the same as the hood, but there isn't a clean cut off line on the back like there is with the grill and windshield. The only way would be to run it up around the frame of the'd have to look at the back of a coupe to know what i mean. Otherwise we'd be making our own lines across flat body panels and i hate that. Then i thought maybe just do the trunk lid itself but that might look like it's just mismatched. I'm really leaning towards this scheme, my paint guy is so so about it. He's got a good eye for this stuff though so we'll see. I really don't even mind the Grabber's really growing on me.
  6. I know this is straying a little from your original thought, but how about grabber blue with flat black stripes? Wide stripes like SS not narrow like Shelby. Run the stripes back to just in front of the windshield, no stripes on roof, then pick them back up just behind the back window. That would look freakin awesome!
  7. i honestly wouldnt do a 2 tone theme.. I would just go with a nice light metallic sonic blue or something like that,
  8. I'm not real big on stripes on a Fox body. Love'em on the Shelby's but not really on a Fox. I thought about going just a solid color and black out the grill and lights, but you know how it goes when you have an open option for a paint wanna make sure you get what you really really want. I don't wanna do something that i'll get sick of after a year.
  9. Stripes on foxes don't look right. I have yet to see one that has a decent looking stripe job on it.

    EDIT: Expept for the offset stripe on the 5.0 swap fox that StangNet is doing. Thats pretty BadA.
  10. Gunmetal Grey. Do it. :drool:
  11. Well unfortunately i have no news to report. Still just doing sanding and boring crap like that. Looking to find a '79 style bumper cover for the rear to match the nose.
  12. Well the Merkur is gone. I am sad :(

    But then again i'm still psyched about the paint job. I took some crappy cell phone pics of some of the body work progress but my phone died so they'll have to wait. We've scrapped the grey/silver/charcoal idea and we've got other plans. :D
  13. How far is Franklin from Cincinnati? There's supposed to be another guy not far into Indiana who has some...might be the same guy.

    I really need to find the matching rear fender moldings for it too.
  14. Franklin is south of Indianapolis. I think its about an hour maybe 1.5 at most. Franklin is just west of Shelbyville. Shelbyville is right off I-74
  15. i say go sonic, electric or vista blue, those are colors i hardly ever see on a fox
  16. No,'s really getting painted. Seriously.

    lol nothing new to is still in the shop, still getting worked on, very slow progress. So, here's new parts pics :shrug:

    Custom built Pro Systems carb ~780cfm and a Victor Jr fresh from getting powder coated:


    And my original stock valve covers coated to match the intake:

  17. Sweet! Did Kenny do your powder? He lives right down the street from me!
  18. I take it youre doing the body work yourself? Cause 6 months in the shop for paint is a long time unless a buddy is doing it on the side or something... How far has it come along thus far?
  19. Yep...wish i'd have known that man i would've stopped over. I'm sure he'll get more of my money :rlaugh:

    Yeah, it's a buddy doing it and he's had to do some other (easier) jobs to keep money coming in. Still in the process of stripping off the old paint and dealing with some rust.