The time has come...EVIL SSP gets painted

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  1. Well in that case its understandable. Any pics of the work so far?
  2. 2 page thread no pics. son i am dissapoint
  3. Finally got some progress pics, with my camcorder because my camera battery is toast. They're just crappy progress pics though so you get the idea. We're gonna get a matching rear bumper cover to match the front, and still has a lot of body work left but it's coming along finally. I'm also going with a different color...can't wait :nice:

  4. FINALLY! some proof! :p

    lookin good so far man. can't wait to see her complete. what color(s) did you decide on?

    and what is that funky 3rd brake light on your trunk lid?!?!
  5. Glad to know it's not only me that has a project that takes years :D

    It will be worth it in the end!
  6. hey what bumper are you looking for?

    I have an extra bumper from my 80 coupe if you want it?
  7. this. lol
  8. The 3rd brake light is an SSP part. They were using them before the gov' mandated 3rd brake lights on all vehicles. The color is hush hush..The bumper i need is a '79-84. Adam if you're local shoot me a PM.

    I'm having some internet issues...i've just figured out that Stangnet has been feeding me so many cookies that i've been almost unable to post...i set my browser to block cookies from this site and i can post again. Funny huh? :nonono:
  9. 7 months, you should feel good then, I have a car that's been going on 3 years and is just now under primer :rlaugh:
  10. It was supposed to be done in March but poop happens. I figure it saved my engine a summer's worth of beatings if nothing else. Of course now it's gonna get finished and put in storage but i'm ok with that..good things to those who wait. It'll come out in spring a totally different car and i'll be working on the interior over the winter.
  11. Can't wait to see the end result, your car is going to be beautiful with paint.
  12. a buddy is doing it on the side, hence it taking longer.
  13. 1,200 miles... not exactly local, but if you want it I could ship it.

    I dunno what it would cost... i dunno where to start. It's an 80, it's not pretty, but is in good shape.
  14. Damn you're on the other side of the country lol. I know there's gotta be some around here..i'm gonna throw a post on CL and see what i find.
  15. What the hell is taking so long?
  16. see post #53
  17. Yep....lots of body work done so far, it's very close to primer. I'm trying to set a record for the longest paint job thread in Stangnet history.
  18. I guess so LOL, a monthly update or two wouldn't kill ya. Some of us (me) are interested in your build!
  19. Sorry man, i would but i don't wanna post the same old "nothing new" every month lol. I wasn't able to get pics the last time i went by to check on the progress but the body is getting pretty straight now. Next on the list is going to be an interior color swap which will likely take longer than the paint job lol.
  20. Went and saw the car yesterday, all the body work is done except a little work on the deck lid and a little spot he found on the hood but the car is in primer and ready to get blocked out. I was in a hurry and forgot my camera and failed to get pics...i suck.