The time has come...EVIL SSP gets painted

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  1. I think your doing it on purpose...anyhow love your car caint wait for the pics also! peace

  2. Well, you know how progress pics just went from ugly to more ugly to now being black primer with an ugly gray guide coat over top of the black, so there's really not much to see. The door jams and all that are getting done first and then the rest of the body. I'm doing the engine bay in black Por-15 because i don't wanna have a heart attack every time i take headers out and scratch the paint.
  3. can't wait to see, just brought my car home today from the paint shop!
  4. My engine bay is a disaster. It has collected about an inch of dust from sanding and such from the rest of the guy's garage. Even when the paint is done there's a LOT of work left to do. My wheels are filthy and need polished, my interior is getting redone in black, and the engine bay is likely going to get completely stripped and redone. It's really turning into the whole snowball effect thing.
  5. same here, I'm going through the same thing.
  6. chirp....chirp........chirp....

    Don't tell anyone, but i got a PM this morning saying the car is getting sprayed tonight and he's shooting for Monday or Tuesday to have it ready.

    I'm knocking on wood and crossing fingers and toes and i think i'll sacrifice my cat just for good measure, but i think it might actually be back on the road within a week or so.

  7. One thing leads to another if you want the car really nice, at least that's how my projects go

  8. Well as for the engine bay, it was probably the cleanest it's ever been since new right before i dropped it off for paint. Oh well, i'm planning on doing it all in Por-15 anyway and it would have to be scuffed down for that so i would be going over it anyways.
  9. ppppplease dont POR15 the engine bay, treat her right and put a nice coat of paint on it!
  10. lol not a chance man. I'm a die hard go before show kind of guy, and there's no way my engine combo is going to stay the same long enough to justify the work involved in painting the engine bay. If i can Por-15 it, it won't be a big deal to fix chips and scratches that WILL happen. Plus if i painted everything, i would really like to fill all the holes and such, which just isn't going to happen any time soon. Plus, i'm pretty old school, i like a black engine comes from growing up around so many old hotrods that came factory with satin black engine bays. It'll work out ok though because the color is going to be heavily accented with black so the engine bay will fall right in line with that trend.
  11. Too bad the world is coming to an end today, and now you'll never be able to see your car done. Dang it all to hell anyway. :D

  12. Heh...yeah, i don't expect to be going anywhere when the rapture happens :rlaugh:

    I should still have until October when the world comes to an end, so at least i've got 5 months of Mad Max Roadwarrior action to enjoy with my newly painted car. If you see a nice shiny newly painted coupe in your rear view, i'm probably chasing you down to steal your gas and rape your womenz :rlaugh:

    Oh, and i just got off the phone a minute ago, it's painted and about to get cleared. I don't think i'm gonna get any progress pics though :(
  13. LMAO at the raping and pillaging! Great news about the paint too man, Id be really excited if I were you.
  14. alrighty, it's time for those pics!
  15. I wanted to add that I like the wheels. I used to rock a set of those back in the 80's. LOVE 'em, wish I still had 'em. Mine were Enkei, but I don't think anyone makes them anymore, do they?

    Can't wait to see paint!
  16. Omfg....i went and saw it this morning, it still needs a few things done, but holy mother of god am i happy with the color choice. It's effin outrageous. I tried to take a few cell phone pics but they suck, it was early early this morning, not much light, and the cell phone poor light combo doesn't do it justice. I literally had one of those "overhaulin moments" when i walked into the garage.
  17. When is it coming home?!?!??!????!
  18. What color did you go with? the reason I say dont POR15 the engine bay is because the stuff does not look nice in any way! Get at least a decent satin black spray bomb and do that. POR15 is shiny and just doesnt look right to me. Satin black for the old school look all the way!
  19. I did POR 15 on my cage and wish i would have just went satin. I did satin on my tq boxes and thru the floor subframes under the car and am much happier with the results
  20. I was under the impression that Por-15 comes in satin? Maybe i need to look into something else then. I just want something durable that is really easy to touch up. Someone told me that stuff is "self leveling" and you can basically half ass brush/roll it on and it'll look like it's sprayed on as long as you don't lay it on super thick.

    Anyway it should be home by this weekend. The weather here SUCKS, they're calling for thunderstorms all week and i really don't wanna bring it out during a storm. It's sitting without an intake and carb at the moment so that all needs put back on and then i've gotta deal with the usual issues with a car that's been sitting for a year without being started.

    As for the color...well, i searched my ass off and couldn't find another Mustang of any year in this color, and i could only find a very select few other cars in this color aside from the car that the color originally came with. I was hell bent on doing a 2 tone scheme but my painter guy talked me out of doing a black/charcoal top/bottom like everyone else is doing and he talked me into this color and i couldn't be happier.

    I was gonna wait for better pics, and there's still stuff to do but here she is. The color is a Lexus color called Desert Sage Metallic.