The time has come...EVIL SSP gets painted

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  1. Didn't your car briefly have some other wheels on it? Like Drag Lites or something?

    Side note: Every time I see Hissin Cobra's car, it makes me want to paint my car in some obnoxious paint scheme. His car pulls off the "look at me!" paint job very very well, haha.
  2. Yeah man his car is's amazing how such gaudy '70s-80s paint schemes can work on certain cars and just look stupid on others.

    I've had Draglites on it before...loved them a lot but i've always wanted these ARE's, i spent the better half of 5 years looking for a clean set and when i found these i couldn't pass them up. I still want another set of Welds though just for variety and slicks/DRs.

    Oh and i do have center caps for them, i just almost never run them because they're originals and hard as hell to find so i don't wanna lose them or get them stolen since they're the push in from the outside kind. I'm gonna look into getting a generic push through from the inside kind of ebay and run them instead. I also need to get some new tail pipes ordered since i ditched the silly Magnaflow slip over pipes.

    If all goes well i should have it on the road Friday afternoon. I need to get the Victor Jr. installed, the new carb installed, deal with 15 month old gas in the tank, fill all the fluids and air up the tires, then pray pray pray everything still works LOL.
  3. Always liked that color.
    I know you've probably addressed it already, but is there something wrong w/ the rear bumper that it's not on the car?
    Is it any different than stock?

    Reason I'm asking is that the car looks "front heavy" w/ that lower valance w/o a rear bumper.

    Just wondering.

    Are the ARE's the wheels in the pics? They look like fun to keep clean.
  4. Well the rear bumper i have is an '85-86, and the belt molding doesn't match the nose, and i was really holding out to find a '79-82 to match it but ran out of time. It's painted, it just needs put on and it's not gonna match but oh well it'll do ok until i find the right bumper. Also the rear side moldings need painted and put on, and i'm up in the air about putting the rest of the side moldings on...sometimes i like cars without them and the body indentation matches the old style molding so it looks right.

    Yeah the wheels on it are ARE's. They were one of the few brands used on the '80s Saleens and were available through the aftermarket. Riken and BBS and a slew of others made them too. They're ok to keep clean as long as you keep up with them....if you let brake dust get in those spokes, you'll hate yourself, and polishing the lips with a painted surface right next to them is a little challenge. I just keep them wiped down as often as possible. They did look horrible but he was cool enough to polish them up before i came over to see it.

    Oh, and it always looks front heavy....this nose on a coupe just works that way. I like it's very "American Ironish" if you know what i of my idol cars is the Griggs Racing "Old Blue" coupe and it has a GT nose on it...i always loved the low road racing nose look. It also doesn't help that the front tires are (IMO) too low profile for the car. It needs new rubber all around in matching sizes front and back and then it'll balance out a little.
  5. I think the tire size is fine, just needs to be lowered
  6. That's what everyone is saying now, it's already on Eibach Pro Kits with 3/4 coil cut off the rear to get rid of the rake. It actually sits pretty level, i think the nose and the bigger rear tires make it look raked. I'd really like to slam it down, but i've got full lengths and they already scrape on speed bumps so i don't know if i could get it into my driveway if it were any lower.
  7. Sacrifices anyway! I wanted to run long tubes, but everyone talks about scraping them. I want to lower my car another inch over what my BBK's give me, and that is why I will probably always keep my shorties. Bummer dude, could use the torque of LT's.
  8. Nah, ill stick with the stance and keep the torque lol. I think meatier tires all around will help.
  9. Looks good, man.:nice:
  10. That car looks killer! I love it.

    I was just looking at the "Before you butcher a 4 eye" thread and saw this from like 2 and a half years ago:

  11. Wow man...yeah it's been a looong time coming. I carried the flag for the primered crowd for my share, i think ive earned it lol.

    I finally found the right rear bumper to match the molding lines of the front bumper, so that's getting painted right now, and i had a couple window trim pieces that were missing that are getting painted and put on. Also after a few hours of staring at the nose (literally, i stood in the driveway just looking at it lol), i decided the grill/headlights has to be satin black. I thought about leaving it and running it as is for a while, but after looking at so many cars with this nose that have it blacked out, i'm sold on it.

    So, all that's gonna get done and we're shooting for about Tuesday to get it done, then i have the intake and carb to put on, gas to drain and gas lines to clear out and pray they're not gummed up. Hopefully everything still works lol.
  12. Hey man, I think you're going the right direction with the black grill. The before you butcher a 4 eye thread definately has fine cars with black grills. I had an 84 gt that had the black extend up the hood center and I loved it. I don't have pics of it, but here are some examples. Oh, and I know the nose is different , but it's just something to think about....




    Your car's lookin great!:nice:
  13. We talked about doing the front end up like the Pace cars were, with the blacked out grill and stripe up the hood. I even have a Pace car bolt on cowl, but i really like the GT scoop and i need it for hood clearance so we passed on that.

    That red GT is one of my all time favorite Fox Mustangs...i absolutely love the BBS's on it. At one time that car had some CCW Classics on it and it looked outrageous.

    I even had a set of those old style tail lights at one time and i almost put them on, except i didn't want to have to butcher my light panel to get them installed so i sold them.
  14. thats the color of my Tacoma. I wanted to paint my fox that same color but then i got a steal on a 10 GT and sold my fox to finance it. Your car looks amazing! I'm glad you finally got it painted. I have been on this site for a while and you have always been one of the diehards. Good to see you stayed with it and did it when you could afford it and did it right. Too many people jump into painting, modifiying, etc etc with their cars and they become ragged out basket cases selling on ebay for bottle caps. GREAT JOB! :nice::nice::nice:
  15. Thanks it's been a looong time coming and i've wanted this guy in particular to do my car for a few years. I have some bad luck and bad experiences with painters so i'm pretty weary of most of them but this is turning out pretty nice. Right now things are held up because i found the right rear bumper last minute so it needs painted and a few other small things are getting touched up and then it should be back on the road.
  16. The car really turned out great. :nice: The green color with the black trim really sets it off nicely. Before I sold my 86 GT I just painted the headlight bezels black. Looking at the before and after pictures it made the car look so much better IMO.
  17. Got a little more done to it...i couldn't hold out on blacking out the grill and i'm so glad i did..i think it sets it off just right. I still need to get new door handles put on and finish up a couple little things but it's almost ready to drive again.


    I keep catching it in low crappy was getting dark this time. I can't wait to get it out on a nice sunny day when half of it isn't in the shade.
  18. THAT. THING. IS. SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! peace

  19. diggin the black grill :nice:
  20. Looking very nice:nice: