The time has come...EVIL SSP gets painted

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  1. Nailed it. perfect. good job!
  2. Not a bad pic for low light and on a cell phone. I wish that damned SSR wasn't next to me.

  3. I thought i had added all these pics when i took them, guess not. Another member asked to see pics of the car after paint so i'm bumping this. Enjoy :nice:

  4. My useless opinion:

    Have a custom emblem made for the nose medallion
    You need a different set of wheels to really make that car color pop -- Maybe polished silver? Something subdued and non-blingy though... needs "meaner".


    I really like these from the other thread. Not sure if this is "IT" though. Just head scratchin'. :scratch:
  5. Yep, that's what i want and actually why i run the ARE's, i just haven't had the cash for new rims yet. Right now i'm working on getting the interior to look as good as the outside, and hopefully by spring i'll be ordering new rims and tires. It also really needs tint.
  6. What color tint are you figuring on?
  7. You mean window tint? Just black i guess :shrug:

  8. Take a look at the brown and copper colors before settling on one.
  9. Yeah i like some of the tan looking tints on certain colors but with green i'm not sure that would there's a green/black theme going on with the window trim and grill being black already. I do know i'm not gonna go full black limo style with it but it's going to be pretty dark. I have to replace the driver's side window first from where the painter scratched it up with a DA sander :nonono:

  10. Sometimes, tint shops have plastic overlays you can use to get a preview. You're definitely going to need to figure that piece out in-person though. I'm sure that the color of your car is 3 shades of wrongness between your camera, image optimization, and my monitor. lol
  11. Man you said it. I do think this particular photo session caught the best example of what the color really looks like. Even still i can't help but think the guy mixed paints to get this color because it's pretty far off from the color i requested. I've parked my car next to a Lexus that has the color i wanted and they're very different so i dunno. In some lights it's a pale olive green color and in other lights it's a very bold almost forrest green color.
  12. On Thursday, it will be blue. :D
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  13. I actually came to say the same about the wheels and badges, i love the hell out of your car and i think it only needs a little more to be
    a real stunner. but it seems like youre already on top of it. a tinted badge (sounds stupid but works if done right ) or a black ford badge would do the trick up front since smoothing its no longer feasible.

    for some reason i thought of these wheels, maybe not the specific wheel but the color and finish would look killer on your car

  14. Yeah i wanted those rims for a loooong time. I still wouldn't be opposed, i've just always love the CCW Classics/mesh style rims and i love how it looks with black/polished lip rims so i'm definitely going that route, whatever the style may be. As for the badge, i'll probably end up getting one of these babies:


    I have one like this but it's the original and the plastic cover is gone and it's really wore out looking. I just don't know about a big black dot on the hood...i sort of think this would look better


    And i'm most likely going to put new 5.0 badges on the fenders...this is really not up for debate. I like the look of a clean debadged car, but at the same time a Fox 5.0 needs a 5.0's like a badge of honor. I don't plan on putting any Ford emblems on it though, the trunk will stay debadged.
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  15. yeah, id be against throwing badges on the sides since its so clean, but thats not to say it would look bad in the least bit. i think the black emblem would go well up front. Just considering its a dark paint, and a green/grey/silver/whateverthehell color i think black would do well. Cant beat CCWs, maybe a set of the classics in the finish like the ROHs (i think thats what i posted haha).

    otherwise the car has come a long way and youd have a hard time ruining it no matter what direction you go :nice:
  16. I plan on looking into either having magnetic 5.0 badges made, or applying thin strips of magnet to the back of stock emblems to see if they'll stay on that way.
  17. Gotta have the 5.o. Period. Funny, but I've thought the same "badge of honor" thought myself. When I bought my car it came with an uninstalled pair of coyote 5.0 badges, and I wound up mailing them back to the guy I bought the car from... Origional 5.0 badges for me!!
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  18. Hell yes. I take pride in the fact that the new cars are copying my 5.0 badges. The 5.0 badge is the Fox's version of BOSS302/351/429, HIPO289 etc badges, and you wouldn't build one of those cars without proudly sporting those badges. I considered going with a 5.7 badge since it has a 347 but i think 5.0 says more than just how many liters the engine has in it.
  19. Exactly. My car will have a 347 in it eventually. The badge it will wear? 5.0.
  20. Window tint would really set it off.