The time has come...EVIL SSP gets painted

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  1. I guess this thread can act as a sort of progress thread of sorts, though progress is slooooow with this car. I finally got a dash and got it dyed today, gonna replace the heater core in the morning and start putting the dash back together. Then the rest of the interior can be dyed one piece at a time as i get spare time. I need to order seat tracks for my Corbeau's, i need door panels and new carpet, and i scored an extremely nice nearly mint 4 eye console in factory black that i'm contemplating on using. My car being an SSP never came with a console, but this one is so clean i may end up using it.

    Here's a couple quick pics of the dash.

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    When I was looking to find out where I could these valve covers, where were you!?!

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  3. LOL i dunno, not paying attention i guess. They're just factory 5.0 covers from the carbed cars (if you don't already know).

    If it makes you feel better i still haven't put them on the car because i need to get some thick gaskets or something to get them to clear my roller rockers.
  4. yeahhh, I found out from four eyed pride pictures. we touched up on me having to get valve cover spacers, but a large gasket will do when I do my gt40 head swap with rockers months from now.
    I wouldn't say 'just' though, they're gorgeous, I have yet to see aftermarket valve covers that I like more than those.
  5. I had mine powder coated by a local guy and then i sanded the fins down. I'm not sure how they'll hold up, i think the fins will likely oxidize but i can always just go over them with sandpaper again. I thought about having them clear coated, but every clear coated engine piece i've ever seen eventually turned yellow from the heat of the engine so i passed on that. I did the same thing with my intake, and i sanded off the top of the Edelbrock logo, and so far it hasn't oxidized.
  6. As for better covers, i went with the stock covers because i'm going for a stock look in the engine bay (or rather, a stock '60s look). I want it to look like an old 289 HiPo. I did restore some old Mickey Thompson valve covers for a friend and they turned out pretty amazing.


    Then I also did another set of stock covers for the same friend in black which i thought looked really good.


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  7. The FEP thread I looked at was about restoring the look of the valve covers. I'm still on the fence on using wrinkle paint for a texture gray/black look, or leaving it silver and cleaning them up really well to match a gt40 tubular I want to use.

    If I do leave it the original silver look, I won't face that problem as often since I rarely drive the car, being it's terrible on gas, noisy, and runs reach without a tune.
  8. The stock covers were actually raw aluminum as far as i know with the top of the fins machined. When i originally got my car, they were just filthy aluminum. The breather lids were clear coated and are what usually turned yellow.


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  9. The quality of the job looks great. I like the M/Ts, the flat top makes the fins pop better, I'm not big on combining silver and black in one design though. They're near opposites and I think clash. But they still look good.

    My planned theme is an eco build but advertised as a 'Powered By Ford' concept. By sourcing parts, the lightning gt40 intake, valve covers from an older fox, and explorer heads all on my aero-nose stang.

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  10. So, so so many tubes. everywhere. haha. For the breathers I planned on doing the twist on polished cap with a filter, silver again, and always looks good.
    I think I'd skip the clear coating too though.
    Let me know when you get the covers on and how they hold up, it'll let me know what I should do;D

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  11. If you think that's bad, here's the first pics i took of the engine bay when i first got the car home:


    It still amazes me to this day that the car was still running as good as it was with all that spaghetti under there. What's even more shocking is how much i've removed and the car still runs lol. Almost all of that crap had to do with either emissions or the HVAC vacuum controls, which are all gone now.

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  12. My mom's entirely stock, and entirely complete 1970 mustang has less tubes, wires, and clutter than that!
    Jesus. I wouldn't know where to start. I always liked the Dual inlet intakes, but. In this case, one suits it much better. and those valve covers look like they're spattered with oil. Rust all down the headers and everything.

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  13. Oh yeah, lots of leaking fluids everywhere but the car ran like strong as hell even looking that dirty. I eventually ran that same engine to 12.8s and could've gone faster with better traction. That engine is in a '95 Cobra right now still running strong.

    The factory duel snorkel is among the best breather setups you can run on a carbed 5.0. Ford did their homework on this setup. If you run the fender tubes like they did from the factory, you get a healthy duel cold air intake effect. I've talked to guys over on FEP who've done back to back drag tests and shown as much as a tenth gain from running the stock duel snorkel with a K&N vs. an open element breather. When i had mine dynoed, we did pulls with and without the breather, and it actually made more power with the breather on, and the air/fuel ration was much flatter and consistent. The tuner laughed because he told me the breather was choking the engine. He then said "don't ever run another breather than this one, it's magic".
  14. Why's it in a 95 cobra? yours?
    And what engine are you running now in the 85'?

    If I had more knowledge of carbs I'd run one. Mechanical over electrical seems to be the way to go, but that's just because I have so much bad luck with electrical things in cars. But I'm talking out my ass when it comes to carbs anyways, the most I've done is rebuilt one.:p
  15. I sold it to a guy who blew his engine in his Cobra and he dropped it in. My car has a 347 in it now. We get into a lot of heated debates about carbs vs. EFI on here and i always take the side of carbs because too many uneducated people rip on them. It really just comes down to what you want out of the car and what you're willing to learn. If a person knows nothing at all about cars, it's a pretty even playing field as far as what needs to be learned to work on either one, but you'll be doing a lot more labor working with EFI when you start taking things apart, and the cost starts to add up quick with EFI. My car is a fair weather toy, so carbs work fine for me. If i drove it year around, i'd probably go EFI. If i ever go with a blower or turbo, i'll probably go EFI.
  16. I never really understood the whole 'great debate.' There's different uses for both EFI and carbs with efficiency. If I a person were to say fuel injected is the best route, I would say I didn't care. They both work fine.
    And you're right, it is usually the new guys who make fun of the carbs, people often do that with what they first get. For example if I got a s197, I would talk trash on all other mustangs. or I get a camaro, and all other muscle cars suck. That's how it always go.
  17. Yep. I started out a GM/Camaro guy. I've owned EFI and carbed cars. I've owned turbo 4 cylinders. Been there and don't it, that's why i am where i am.
  18. Being well rounded like that I think would be the best. If a car is faster than another, then it's faster than another. That's all that really matters.
    I'd love to own an SVO turbo 4 cylinder. I'd kill for a toyota supra Mk IV. I love four eyed camaros. So im in the same boat except i've not experienced that many cars;P
  19. Pssst....things are about to happen... :runaway:
  20. Do tell!