The time has come...EVIL SSP gets painted

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  1. Finally got everything to finish this interior swap except for more spray dye. I got new carpet, dash pad, finally got seat tracks for my Corbeaus, the dash is in but needs a few things finished on it. I'm just waiting for a long sunny day to lay the carpet out in the sun so it relaxes. I thought it was going to be today but now the weather doesn't look too promising.
  2. I use to have a set of those M/T vc's on my 351w in my 70 Mach 1 that was stolen.... I rehabbed them with the wrinkle finish paint and block sanded tops as well....looked pretty good for oldies...
  3. Those pics don't do them justice...they looked factory new when I finished them. My buddy traded them away with a car (like an idiot).