Brakes The Ultimate 4-lug/5-lug Brake Conversion/upgrade Thread

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  1. My conversion....

    - I bought a complete rear end from a 95 GT for a dirt cheap $100.
    - Swapped the caliper brackets, axle shafts, and anti moan brackets to my 8.8.
    - Purchased NEW 13" Brembo rotors for the front
    - 94-95 spindles/hubs form eBay
    - All four loaded calipers that would belong on an '04 Cobra in red (yes, my calipers actually read "COBRA")
    - Factory Ford soft lines for the rear calipers (bolted right in)
    - Autozone rotors for the rear
    - 96 Cobra ball joints
    - Plugged the PV w/ the Ford kit, installed the FMS manual PV
    - Autozone MC for an '04 Cobra (w/ reservoir) and all the necessary adapters to make the stock lines work
    - NOS '93 Cobra brake booster (cost a pretty penny and was a PITA to get in)
    - MM 3-2 port conversion
    - MM stainless braided hoses
    - FMS e-Brake cables (never did weld anything on the factory e-Brake...still works like a champ)
    - Finish it off with some nice 5-lug wheels.
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  2. The main thing on this is to swap to the SN95 spindle/hub assy. Once you do that, you can run any wheel/center cap combo that the 94-04 guys use. The problem on the older style rotor/lug integrated setup is that the center dust cover sticks out WAY to far for the newer wheels. Unless you go to the updated hub assy, you can't even get a center cap in there.
  3. ok, so i have a 91 notch. i used a complete rear from a 98 gt. I also used whole spindles and pbr brake set ups out of an 02 gt. i had to cut out my old ball joints and install 02 balljoints to make it work. i am also using stock gt 17in gt wheels off an 01. i have no rub issues. and the tires dont come out past fenders. made it a little wider but i like it. everyone i talked to said i could not use this set up, but i did and works great.
  4. Thank you at least 100 times! A shop, now gone of course, installed PBR dualpiston calipers and kept the rear drums. 93 LX w/ 5.0. The pedal bottoms out and three other shops said they can't fix it. You have set me on the right path with the mastercylinder info. Sincerely, Thank You.
  5. i want to keep 4 lug on my car. 88 GT. what is a good rear and front brake set up to use for performance.
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  7. Saleen 5 lugs onto LX

    I have a chance to get a set of 5 lug rear brakes/axles off a wrecked '91 Saleen for my '91 LX. Just the brakes, axles, brackets, calipers and anti-moans, but... Any input -- is this a workable way to go? What were the Saleen brakes anyhow? I heard they were Ford SVO parts.
  8. 1991 may be either the 84-86 SVO setup, or the newer 91-92 Mark 7 Varga setup. I beleive it's the Varga....10.5" vented rotors and 5-lug using t-bird calipers. Its the same setup as the 1993 cobra R (which does not use sn95 conra rear disks like popular thought suggests)

    If it's the SVO rear setup, I'd pass. Too many negatives on that setup outweigh the positives. (axle worth too wide, replacement parts expensive, heavy, e-brake issues) but the Varga setup is a little better to use, but lacks a lot of support due to rarity of use in Mustang retrofits. You will need brakes, axles and all brackets and such. Master cylinder depends on which brake setup it is.

    Basically, we need more info as to which setup it is
  9. Hmm, thanks Mike. Looked at listing picture -- SVO with non-drilled rotors. Has all the parts, and only $300.00, but from what you are telling me it sounds like I had best pass. Darn. :( I really want to improve on the stock braking, more so than I care about 5 lugs, but I don't want to waste $$ either, and I know I'd need to add a booster and m/c as well, even if I only do the rears initially during my resto/mods. Thanks again for more good advice.
  10. Mike-

    I'm still on the fence about rear widths. I'm either going to run an 18x9 or 17x10. Would you suggest an SN-95 width or Fox track? I'm worried about the rear articulation with the panhard/torque arm setup and wide wheels which I why I may run the 9".
  11. Really depends pn the wheels you run. If ypu go with sn95 offsets, you need fox length axles for 9" or bigger. S197 wheels are deeper, sp they can use the sn95 axles...but the amount of wheels aren't as numerous as sn95 wheels are.

    But...the suspension mods you want add another variable I do not know much about
  12. so im wondering if i did the caliper to mc ratio right
    i have front pbr calipers and sn95 with a 93 cobra mc
    93 cobra mc 507mm
    pbr calipers 6220mm each
    sn95 rear calipers 2268mm each
    6620+6620+2268+2268= 17776
    17776/507= 35.061
    way off the charts?
    using a gutted porprotinign valve, stock 87 booster. car is hard to stop
  13. My numbers already took into account the calipers being in pairs.

    So 6220+2268 = 8488 for the entire car

    8488/507 = 16.7:1

    This is the exact setupo used on the 99-04 V6 Mustang except for one thing. The V6 uses the larger booster for more assist.

    So 2 choices: Install a 93 cobra/94-95 or 99-04 V6 booster, or downsize the MC to a Cobra 15/16" which will require some plumbing changes and still may not be enough assist.

    I'd recommend a booster swap
  14. yeah when i devided by 2 thats what i got, thanks.
    ps on another note i have 13 in hg of vaccume at idle is that enough?
  15. Stock is about 17-20 i beleive. When i blip my throttle, it spikes to 25 as the revs come down. Does yours get higher than 13? If it doesn't..then yes that's low
  16. single turbo ls1
  17. bought a 93 cobra booster from advance auto parts. should have it in a few days
  18. Sorry about that Mike. Let's forget the suspension issue, and say I'm running SC replicas (17x10) with 6.83 BS and +25mm offset. Would you suggest Fox track, or the wider SN-95 axles?
  19. I have a 91 gt and I am interested in doing the brake upgrade as well.. However I don't want to go junk yarding.. I just don't have the time.. Is there a kit that is sold as an all in one package with everything you need? I do not care if it converts to 5 lug or not I just really would like to have disc's all the way around.. Thanks for all the help..