Brakes The Ultimate 4-lug/5-lug Brake Conversion/upgrade Thread

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  1. Ok, after doing much research on this topic I am highly considering to purchase the kit from latemodelrestoration. Unless someone can persuade me to do otherwise.

    After looking at piecing together everything from junk yards and websites and local part stores I have come to the conclusion this kit has everything I'm trying to get and for about the same price as piecing it together from all over the place.

    What I am trying to do:
    With this information:
    And here is the kit:

    I'm doing the front brakes only and trying to do them on a budget of course... I called latemodelrestoration and asked them if the calipers were steel pistons and the answer was yes. The kit even includes Maximum Motorsports stainless steel brake caliper sleeves!

    So my only worry is that there isn't a master cylinder upgrade. But i'm not doing the rear brakes. I'm just going to replace the rear pads and cylinder.
    What do you guys think? Is the pedal going to feel right? Is it going to travel the right distance? Is it going to improve my braking or keep it the same? Will this kit last?

    Or is it worth it at all? Should I just keep stock brakes until I go 5 lug? I don't plan on going 5 lug for about 3 years.
  2. Buy the Mm kit and wait until you're ready to go 5 lug. IMO
  3. Adapter for the SN95 brake lines to Fox body

    This adapter allows you to mount an SN95 front brake line to the passenger side hard line on a Fox

    Weatherhead 7828 available at NAPA
    Dorman part # 327828 Available at advance auto and autozone
  4. Okay so I have a quick question..I have the complete brake booster, master cylinder and the lines down to the prop valve off an SVO mustang. They are going into my 85 Gt. Using 04 cobra front brakes and 95 gt rear brakes. Do I still need to buy the adjustable prop valve or will the SVO prop valve work without the adjustable one?
  5. ID89GT, someone should be able to answer your question, but since you replied to this thread I noticed I never came back and shared my results.

    So I ended up buying the following MM kit, and this kit made a really nice difference from stock.

    Brake Upgrade Package, 1987-93

    I bought replacement OEM calipers from the dam autozone(don't throw tomatoes) and new OEM rotors from LatemodelResto. With this combo I saved good money and still have a much better braking system than the old stock. I couldn't be happier with my decision. Now I can spend the money on a better upgrade down the road when I'm ready.

    EDIT: I also bought replacement cylinders for the rear drums. The springs and hardware inside I just cleaned up they were in such good shape.
  6. You still need to buy the adjustable proportioning valve. The balance of braking between front and rear brakes is critical. Get it wrong and the rears lock before the front and the rear end tends to swing around. How many times have you seen the ebrake trick on TV & movies? That's exactly what can happen when you are in a panic mode stop.

    Want more information ? See Install a Brake Proportioning Valve - Tech Article - Chevy High Performance Magazine
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  7. 1 1/8" bore Svo MC and booster not idea for Cobra brakes. Result will be very stiff pedal. It's really only a good MC for use with the SVO brakes

    1" bore MC more ideal which would be 1993 cobra MC

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  8. Okay good to know. Looks like I'll be adding a master cylinder to my list as well then haha. Thanks :)
  9. Okay so now I am confused. I go to late model and it says the 93 Cobra is for 87 to 93 cars and won't fit well for my car, and that the SVO is a direct swap. Does Latemodel not know what they are talking about or do I need to buy a bunch of adaptors and such in order to make the 93 Cobra master fit.
  10. Need more info to what it is you are referring to.

    Also, on a 1985 mustang, you can use Lincoln town car MC which is also 1" bore. That should direct swap.

    Hop on rockauto. Com and look at MCs for a 1985 town car and look up 1" MC

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  11. i see what he's talking about, apparently the fitting threads are different between the 4-eye and aero stangs. looks like mm has an adapter kit for it though (its as expensive for what you get though as their 3-2 port conversion and other brake swap line kits).
  12. I'll look into the Lincoln one, using some fittings don't bother me at all I just don't want to get it all together and then find out its wrong and have to do it all over again lol
  13. That's why you just google and search and do your homework. There's a lot of info on this MC so you should get your questions answered

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  14. I remember one of the car mags did a comparison for a fox body between rear drum and disc setups- the stopping distance was like 10 ft from 60mph or so. I think I've to tthe same improvement by installing the MM brake upgrade kit, It does make sense to me to do the disc upgrade if you re going through the process of swapping to 5 lug, but don't see the big improvement in keeping it 4 lug. Much of braking comes from tires. They sure do look nicer though,

    just my worthless 2 cents..
  15. 10 feet is a car length. Could make the difference between hitting something or barely missing

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  16. That plus after a few stops the distance would grow farther too.
  17. Not if you upgraded to Hawk pads and shoes. Plus as I said, braking distance has a lot to do with tire tread contact patch as well. Not debating the fact that 4 wheel discs are better in heat dissipation and overall braking, just saying that for 4 lug cars, I don't see the major improvement.
  18. Which is why I went to Cobra 4-wheel disks [emoji106]

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