Roush The unofficial WHITE Saleen thread!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by BobV, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. here is my off white Saleen. opps i guess i posted it twice.
  2. Dang guys just keep rubbing it in with the white Saleens. you are makeing me wish i would have waited for the one i wanted. nice car though Marcus
  3. Here Josh,

    Hold on a second. I'll make you feel better....
  4. Thanks Marcus i feel a whole lot better now.
  5. No problem.
  6. Marcus,
    The "Sleeper" is for sale?
  7. It's not advertised but is on the block. George has first right of refusal. If I have time I'll take as many pictures as I can and add them to that homepage.
  8. No problem. I need another Saleen like I need a hole in my head ;)

    Since you opened up the floodgate for "White Saleens in your garage" images, here is one for you :D

    The SA-10 Hood/Sled is ready and waiting for the first heavy snow- hehe

  9. Ah, Marcus you have now made me feel bad, too. :(

    It was bad enough digging through my old photos to find images of my dearly departed & sorely missed '89 Saleen; then you had to go & post a photo of your practically identical one. :damnit:

    Actually, I miss the SVT Contour more than I do the Saleen if you can believe it. :bang:
  10. My soon to be repainted Saleen

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  11. Right on man!!! Thanks for doing your part with the United States Marines!! My brother is going there in March.. Thanks again.. And sweet car, how did you get it down to 3000lbs?

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  12. Your welcome glad to help out my country. Tell your bro to be careful its no joke there. My car probably weighs a little bit more now since I put of the interior stuff back in. When it was weighed at 3000lbs it had ultra light sparco seats (7lbs each), removed rear interior down to the carpet in the trunk and side pieces and stereo equipment basically bare shell front seats back, removed stock door panels, center console and head liner, road racing cage, no a/c or radio or speakers anywhere, racing steering wheel with no airbag, tubular griggs gr40 front and rear, removed inside fender guards and my contribution is a built motor. It was Stan's old car.
  13. Damn, so the car was stripped.. but I take it you probably didn't drive it much considering that you were in Iraq.. Yea he knows what he's up against, he's a heavy machine gunner on a humvee, 50's, mk 40s and such, he's coming back for christmas and then that'll probably be the last that I see of him for a while.. You have a very nice ride.. What was your MOS, in the Marines?? Sorry I'm curious but anyone who serves in the Military I have to ask..
  14. i am a field radio operator 0621. I drive it that is why the console, door panels and headliner are back on. The rest is still stripped though and can be loud at times.
  15. Marcus, I can't believe you're putting the fox on the selling block!!! You love that car, that's like me putting my fox up for auction.....but mine needs a little more work then your's to be restored...... :(



  16. That SoCal sun can be a scorcher at times ;)
  17. Oh yeah, here's one of my 98 S281 that I sold in December 2003 to make room for the S351 coupe.....

  18. Got room for a white speedster with a big black smudge (factory installed) on the hood?


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