The V6 Exhaust sound clip thread.

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  1. Please post as follows.

    Link to sound clip

    Exhaust system type (Dual or single)
    Axle back, cat back, just mufflers, full exhaust from stem to stern
    Manufacturer of said system.
    Estimated cost of parts and labor.
  2. Ford Racing (manufactured by Borla)
    Single axleback exhaust
    purchase price - $200

    Sound clip


    Ain't it purty??? :D
  3. Purrrrrr-ty is as purrrrr-ty does ~ :p
  4. Here's my exhaust evolution... I'm guessing on all the prices.... it's been awhile.

    These clips are all with my NA setup... before the s/c.

    single GT take-off axle-back ($30 parts, $25 install)

    single GT take-off axle-back and JBA headers ($620 parts, $300 install)

    current setup: JBA headers and JBA y-pipe cat-back duals ($560 parts, $100 install)
  5. Is that ford racing axle back for the V6 louder than stock when you are in the car?
  6. Oh ya... it is louder than stock. In general I think it just sounds soooo much better.
  7. That sounds REALLY good.
  8. That's all? No more clips than that? So far, that V6 sounds really good with any exhauts
  9. Video-MAC SS Axleback exhaust installed on a 4.0

    Hey gang...thought I'd through this out there since for the life of me I could NOT find a 4.0 with the MAC exhaust. I just got it today and got it installed and I just LOVE IT....I took my first shot a making a video clip comparing my origianl GT-Take off and the new MAC...let me know what you think:
  10. That sounds pretty good. I'm looking at the MAC myself. Sounds like either it or Magnaflow at this point. There's tons of combos I haven't heard yet though so I'm trying to do some more searching.
  11. The latest in my exhaust evolution...

    I replaced my y-pipe with a custom H-pipe. They cut out the y-pipe a bit after the cats and put in straight pipes (with a slight bend after the cats to line up with the rear). Then, just foward of the middle of the cut, they put in a crossover.

    Here's a video with a few revs and a take-off (this is pre-s/c)

    It was $150 for the installation and the lad took his time, doing a beautiful job.

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  12. The Mac is a definate winner
  13. Why is it so difficult to get sound clips?

    This is the 21st century, yet only 1 manufacturer offers sound clips on their website!
    I visited LOTS of auto websites, no sounds.
    I just visited the Borla site (also makes the Ford muffler), $400, no sound clips.
    A few mustang owners have posted clips on their websites (thanks!! Nice cars!)
    Only MagnaFlow has clips on their "official" website.
    Hats off to MF!
    Any other mfgs I missed out there?

    2006 Vista Blue Mustang 4.0 Coupe
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  14. ok ive listened to every thred and so far i have to hand it to rygen his sounds the best and now i know to go flowmaster, but does it make a difference if i do dual or single
  15. my understanding from all the clips ive read is that single is better for more horsepower, but dual is better for sound. if youre willing to sacrifice a little power for the sound of duals then do it. i went with the mac dual and i like it. you can always make up the lost power (as opposed to going single) with an intake and a tune. anyone correct me if im wrong
  16. Magnaflow Duals w/X Pipe Launch and Idle Video

    Here's my exhaust clip contribution. Installed as my FIRST mod to my 2007 Pony Package 'Stang. I got the Magnaflow cat-back but ordered the GT kit with regular style mufflers (not the magnapacks you get with the V-6 set-up)
    Less highway drone (very mild) and more realistic V-8 sound. Also had an X pipe which I should have just added another Y as low end torque did suffer somewhat. About a $1000.00 installed. 3.73 & SCT will help low :lol:

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