The V6 Exhaust sound clip thread.

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  1. scrming...does your car have just the exhaust or an intake too??? Sounds great by the way.
  2. scrming,
    Can you tell me what model # that aero turbine exhaust is? That's one of the best sounding V6's I've heard!
  3. Sorry I don't know what model MRT uses when they put their setup together... You might save some money by putting it all together yourself but I don't imagine it would be alot... MRT uses a stainless steel pipe and stainless steel hangers with a time chrome tip... At $225 it was about $55 cheaper than my Magnaflow... If you are interesting here is MRT link to their axle-back setup:
  4. Sorry I missed this one... That was with a C&L CAI...
  5. does anyone have a sound clip of bassani exhaust on a v6, i heard it on a gt and man it sounded great and i wanted to know if it was the same, o i would also like to hear a v6 with flowmaster 40 series exhaust thx

  6. Thanks...that's a good starting point!

    Hi there... I was wondering if you guys would help me in deciding which would be better in exhaust performance and sound wise... I do prefer the side exhaust look or the rear exit... Would it change the sound at all? Since the pipes being a bit shorter than extending to the rear, would it make a difference... Also the reason why i'm asking is b/c i may end up getting bassani side exhaust pipes with JBA headers... I have heard alot of your exhaust clips and like majority of them... I already put a 3 core intercooler with a procharger P-1SC supercharger in... This may help to give it a better sound, not only performance...
  8. Anybody else done the Magnaflow X-Pipe and Dual Flowmaster American Thunder's set-up yet? I think that is what I am going to do ASAP!
  9. these are all well and good, but most sound a little....zinggy. is there anyone out there that has a good old fashioned deep deep DEEP rumble that really barks off the line?
  10. Sorry... what you're probably looking for is physically impossible with a V6...
  11. ty guys, jsut wondering.

    has anyone ever experimented with a cutout? (a valve sys. that open up the pipe after the cat converter, or even before it)
  12. it was for me. i just got mine in and installed it. I love this thing. Sounds awesome!!
  13. Hey everyone, Just bought my 07 V6 Mustang a few days ago, and already looking at upgrading the exhaust.

    Going to keep it single for the time being so I don't incur a lot of fees. From what I have listened to in the previous posts, the MAC sounds like the winner - just a few questions:

    1.) What are you referring to when you say "GT Take-off single axle back?" Is that the FRPP V6 Borla single axle back?

    2.) The MAC muffler you all are referring to, is that the same one on their site under exhausts entitled "2005 V6 Mustang Direct Bolt on Single Outlet Axle Back" - $179.50

    I understand you won't be able to really reproduce that V8 sounds, I'm not looking for that. Just looking for something a little more throatier, and deeper than the stock V6 muffler, with as little "Blurbing" (that popping sound) as possible when revving.

  14. a GT take off is a muffler that was originally installed from the factory on a GT (stock GT mufflers). many companies sell take off parts, which are like new with very low miles. saleen is one example. check the stangnet sponsor forums. i know we have at least one "take off" vendor. you can also get them from GT owners when they upgrade their exhaust.
  15. Thanks for clearing that up Bigcat. Think I will go for the MAC axle back exhaust then, just need clarification on if the MAC muffler I referred to from the MAC homepage, is the same one referred to in the previous post - I believe it was an MAC SS Axle back.

    Was entertaining the idea of a flowmaster, but I think previous research from the V8 forum sound clip thread said that the flowmaster was a chambered exhaust or something, and the Mustang sounds better with a straight exhaust. I could have my I's and T's mixed up, as I am still new to the car lingo.

    Care to shed some light on the matter?
  16. flowmaster is a chambered muffler, and sounds best with an H pipe on the GTs. i dont know how it would sound on a sixer with a Y pipe. on the GT, with an X pipe, it gives a very raspy sound.
  17. X pipe is the stock on a GT, and a Y pipe is the stock on a sixer?

    Regardless, I think I'll buy the MAC muffler, just a little leery on buying the MAC muffler on their website because it doesn't say "SS Axle back." However, I'm assuming they are one in the same?