The V6 Exhaust sound clip thread.

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  1. Has anyone ever just taken off their muffler all together?

    I brought my car in for service earlier this week and a kid that works there walks up to me and says that I should take the muffler off. He said they dynod a V6 without any muffler and it was a 10HP gain. Any truth to this?

    Now, I honestly can say that I would never do this because I'm assuming it would sound like crap, but I was just curious is anyone has experimented with it.
  2. the car sounds nice without a muffler. just dont get pulled over.

    the 10hp gain is probably close because people have claimed that with an aftermarket exhaust.
  3. nice job! I really like the sound of the pypes brand. I didn't know anything about Pypes when I had my flowmaster duals installed or I might have went with them.
  4. 2006 V6 Auto FRPP GTA

    Link to sound clip:

    Exhaust system type:
    Single, Axle back
    FRPP M-5230 GTA
    Estimated cost of parts and labor:
    $65.00 (a pair off eBay for $130 shipped, including 4" tips)
  5. Exhausts

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering how much performance there would be gained from a cat back exhaust with x-pipe vs just a single axle back given the same brands???

  6. Hi blackstang14,

    There is virtually no difference in performance, but there is a difference in sound.

    Duals sound better.

    Since you will be driving your stang for years, go with what makes YOU happy.

    I chose the duals for looks and sound.


    I'm happy

  7. finally got a sound clip of the MAC. Hell its not even on the original car i bought it for lol.

    sounds way better in person. the little crappy mic on my digicam didnt do it justice. its much deeper in real life.

    Same FRPP M-5230-GTA* single muffler on JBA Racing's dyno.

    195 RWHP, 226 torque. K&N drop-in air filter, BAMAchips 91 octane performance tune.

    (*Turns out it was a GT takeoff)
  9. Purchase price

    Up here in Canada I was just quoted a price of 440 dollars?
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  11. anybody have any sound clips of the cherry bomb single exhaust?
  12. Haven't been around here in awhile, but I guess I'll throw mine up here :rolleyes:

    Bassani X Pipe replaced the original Y, dual pipes down to dual GT Mufflers.

    Sound clip is kinda raspy and distorted, but nonetheless,

    Dual GT Exhaust Rev

    GT Takeoffs are like what, $40-60 on eBay? X-Pipe was like $20 and the labor was $175 at a random muffler shop.


  13. i have a 06 v6 and i wanna get as much hp power as possible which is a near impossible task for a v6. what do u guys recomend relating to intake, exhaust and chipping?