The V6 Exhaust sound clip thread.

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  1. I have a 2009 mustang 4.0 I choose to go with true Duals Magna Flow bullets with turn downs.

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  2. spice it up

    what would everyone suggest for me to make my 2008 v6 manual a little more torque and a little more pwr?
  3. I would suggest starting your own thread.
  4. dump

    i was thinking of puting dumps on my 05 4.0 and run them out the side i just dont know it will sound good or not so if you can help me that will be great.:flag:
  5. Magnaflow

    I just installed Magnaflow Dual Catback kit. 2.5 tubes with 4" tips. Used the Y pipe, no need for an X or H pipe. I had to cut out the fascia to accomodate the dual. Looks good, sounds good....just dont know how to upload a link to it. I have the vid clip on my hard drive....uuugghh..puter challanged!
  6. Hey all,

    SO for my V6, I will most likely be buying the x-pipe off an s197 GT and I need to pick the mufflers I want to go with it.

    I think that this exhaust:
    is the best I have heard on a V6. The second half of the video at least. Now I know he uses Borla stingers from the axle back, but when he says Borla mids, what would I buy for that??? And how would an x-pipe sound like in comparison to H?

  7. MRT interceptor on my 2013

  8. 2012 V6 Automatic
    BBK ceramic long tube headers
    BBK catted x-pipe
    Pypes mid-mufflers
    OEM pipes

    It's kind of embarrassing to drive right now because to the racket the car makes, but I will persevere...

    I have a Mac stainless cat-back system (with their FlowPath mufflers) on order, as well as some Vibrante resonators. Should have the cat-back stuff in a couple of weeks if all of my stars fall into alignment.
  9. Hey Guys, I'm trying to listen to all sound clips , however None are coming up-- CHOP
  10. That one came thru, sounds nice bud-- CHOP
  11. Are you stock?
  12. Sorry man, axleback or catback?
  13. Listen to the Magnaflo Street series, thats what i will a gettin-- CHOP
  14. sounds nice on the 5.0 not that great on the 3.7-- CHOP
  15. Sounds ok
    Yeah, IDK man