The V6 owners are talking crap about 5.0's

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  1. Every car, or version of a car has owners who think their car is the best. Cant blame them, they spent a lot of money and would hate to say they wasted it!
  2. I had a 95 V6 (not stock) and I raced a 95 5.0 and it was pretty even.....I thought the 5.0 conversion I was planning would have been a waste of money.....then I bought my 88 GT and thought hummm maby that guy just couldn't drive worth crap.
  3. i put in my thoughts
  4. did u notice u put 95 3.0 :rlaugh:
  5. I too have spoken in the honda forum.
  6. LOL i have owned a honder. mustang gods shows me a lesson and gave me a broken neck for it but at least they spared my life!!!!:D
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  8. i hope i didnt make anyone mad
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