The V6 owners are talking crap about 5.0's

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  1. she's definitely got that ****-hungry look in her eyes!
  2. I'd rather be driving my GF's Corolla than a V6 mustang, nothing worse than getting caught red-faced in a poser-mobile when in fact you think its the ****nit
  3. actually guys that is my new GF LOL been datin a week now lol

    LOL i make sure no one can see that and pm it to the people that want it. pm me if ya do and when i get it ill send it out:p
  4. do you already have the video ?
  5. naw not yet but will soon have one if anything happens. ive been talk to the ex also. i found out actually what happened that cause us to split and its not bad just stupid lol so i might have a vid of the ex before i have one of this one :rlaugh:

  6. She is WAY hotter that the hound you broke up with. WAY HOTTER. :nice: That other chick wasn't even cute. :nonono:
  7. NOOOOOOOOO, dooooode, keep the cute one. :eek:
  8. :lol: :nonono:

    Theres nothing wrong with a V6 Mustang for a daily driver. I'd rather drive a V6 Mustang than a foreign 4 banger. :rolleyes:

    <--- owns '04 V6 AND 5.0. :D
  9. I posted in the Honduh forum as well.
  10. There's nothing wrong with that. If you owned just the V6, and thought it was retarded fast, then it would be a problem.

  11. No way. I do feel the need to bow out my window to the V8 Stangs that roll up next to me. ALL OF EM. I MISS driving my 5.0. Will be bringing it home next weekend. :banana:
  12. I would rather someone drive a v-6 stang than an import, or a stang with mullet power (read: tree fiddy chevy motor)

    Noone will ever completely agree on why they should like a certain type / model / year of car, but hell, at least we all like the mustang, regardless of whats under the hood.

    All in all, the 1 thing you have to remember: Your car might be fast, but someone out there is always faster. let that humble you, and youll start respecting all moderately fast cars.
  13. :drool: @ chic

    BTW I personally have kept dead even with a 1995 5.0 Vert in my old Civic. Guy made me mad on the interstate and he couldn't out run me as I was chasing him :rlaugh:
  14. *pictures Strype in a Civic*

  15. *pictures Strype in a Bikini in a Civic* :drool:

    Wait... what?
  16. Around here all of the v6's are riced out. Every day one of them try’s to start something. I just ignore them now.
  17. We have a girl here locally that has an 04 (i think) v-6 stang, and she runs mid 12's. i think her boyfriend or dad own a shop or something.. they have bored and stroked it, and it huffs alot of nitrous. i was impressed that it went that fast, and hell, thats faster than alot of peoples v-8's around here that i know. Like i said, ill respect alot of cars that are fast, regardless of what powerplant they start with.

    If the car is riced out, then ill put it in the "shoulda bought an import" category.
  18. Mine is bone stock. Even has the factory rims.
  19. It was a 2000 Roma Red Civic EX & had white 17's, a park bench and a fartcan muffler too... Chics loved it, 16 year olds kept trying to race me, so I got rid of it after 6-8 months of having it.