The V8 Clutch Or Lack There Of

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  1. Hi everybody, I have a 302 in my project car, and I have a 1976 V8 4spd trans. I bought the trans a few years ago not realizing the difficulty in finding a V8 clutch kit. Unfortunately I didn't get a clutch or pressure plate when I bought it, just a really heavy flywheel, bellhousing, and trans, so I can't have something relined that I don't have. I see Summit offers a V8 clutch kit but the application is only for a 1975 ( ) Will that work? Also I have a fairly good amount of mechanical knowledge sometimes, that being said, I was thinking about the clutch assembly. With the flywheel I have, I assume Ford used that for more than just Mustang II applications, so if you have a 10 spline, 10 inch disc, wouldn't a clutch kit from say a 3spd manual Maverick work? or am I not thinking about it correctly, the engine is mostly stock, with a mild cam. Or would changing out the flywheel be an option, I see both the Maverick and Mustang II use the same flywheel? Please let me know if you have a source, or what you think. Thanks
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    It looks like the kit that you linked will work, but it's hard to tell. To the best of my knowledge, all V8 4 speed IIs from 75-78 used the same flywheel and clutch assembly. I believe most 10 spline 10" clutch discs will work just fine, but the pressure plate is a II specific piece. It is the only piece in that kit that would determine if it will work for a II or not. Unfortunately, the II flywheel, pressure plate, and bell housing are not interchangeable with any other Ford that I am aware of. They are a bit smaller in diameter and the flywheel uses a few less teeth on the ring gear compared to other cars. I have heard that no one reproduces a pressure plate that work for our cars anymore, but this might be an exception....? If it is, it would be GREAT news!

    I have also heard of some others having their flywheel re-drilled for a larger pressure plate. I believe the early eighties 5.0 clutches can work if done this way. There is a bit more to choose from for those cars. I can't speak to that with 100% certainty though - I still run the stock II flywheel and pressure plate in my car....
  3. Thanks for the information, I ended up finding a set up for a Granada that had the same specs as the maverick and some other Ford's that year. The kit was only $44 so if it works that's great and I'll use it without to much expectation for longevity. I'll pass on my findings.
  4. I'm glad you found what you were looking for. I'd heard (back when was still up) from quite a few folks that NOTHING summit linked was actually proper for the II.

    For the long-term, as @LILCBRA suggests, you're looking at a more dramatic solution. T5 swap, redrilled flywheel with different-year clutch components, are probably the best bets.
  5. The more research I do, the less hope I have. The 302 I have is a 1985, on the flywheel someone had painted it 76 Mustang "50oz" but the part number (which cannot be found anywhere in the internet) dates it as a 1976. The part number is D6ZE-6380-AA. So if the part number is correct the imbalance would be 28oz instead of the 50oz I need for the later engine, unless this is some type of aftermarket speed part which I highly doubt. Ugh I think I'm going to scrap this trans as I have these issues and haven't even figured out which starter if available will work.
  6. Here's a picture of the flywheel

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  7. It is possible that someone had the flywheel rebalanced for the 50oz engine. It's been a while since I've looked at mine, I don't remember if mine has the same larger hole at 3 o'clock in your pic. There is definitely some research that needs to be done! As for scrapping the transmission - they aren't known for holding up to a strong 302 very well. If you want to keep the manual transmission, a T5 isn't a really hard swap. Many of us have done it and can give you a rundown on what you will need to do if you choose to go that route....