"The" video of the beast....

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  1. ok it's a mini beast.... but hey, I am going to eat so many ricers once I take it out ;)

    Today I've fitted the Dynomax Super Turbos mufflers.
    The result is excellent, I don't get that way too loud up your ears noise from the MAC flow...

    At idle: it's much much quieter (you can now talk... and not shout to get yourself heard), but you know you have some aftermarket mufflers.
    When you get your foot down, wow the sound is awesome. It's loud but not too loud, know what i mean ;)

    I've made one mistake I'll fix it tomorrow: the left pipe is touching the gas tank.
    So it does hit it and produce an annoying knock that gets into your brain really fast ;)

    Don't mind the "cloud" of dust, we just had our driveway done, so everything is dusty.

    The video: http://www.fordmustang.co.uk/pictures/03-videos/video/Kermit65/dynomax.wmv
    16.8Mo video quality is ok, sound is excellent.
  2. thats tight, I like it.
  3. DAMN does that thing sound awesome!!!!:Word:

    Thanks for sharing! I wish mine sounded that way.

  4. Thanks a lot :flag: