35th Anniv The White Stuff...

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by DRKSD, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Well it was too good to be true and I knew it. Finally, January 12th and we finally have snow on the ground here in Iowa. A sad day to be sure. :dammit: I suppose I lucked out though and shouldn't complain, I did get about two solid weeks of driving my new Mustang before the snow hit.

    In an attempt to prompt some activity here on the 35th Forum, who else out there is suffering like me?

    What do y'all do with your rides when the winter settles in? Anyone have any rituals or ceremonies?

    And to any of you out there who are blessed to live in climates without snow... How about some pics of your cars out on the open road so we tundra dwellers can live vicariously through them?
  2. Here where I live(GA), I can drive everyday barring any icy conditions(rare). But, thankfully I have a DD and can leave the GT at home most of the time in the carport. I know it sucks for you guys up in the Norther regions.
  3. I parked mine in November and am wondering why. December was the driest ever and so far January hasn't been much of a winter either. At least I am keeping miles off of it and am gathering a nice pile of parts to throw on in February and March. 5 speed conversion, & cobra steering rack so far, hopefully some MM control arms as well. Meanwhile I am driving the winter beater and wishing I had gotten the turbo swap done in it last summer.
  4. We're going to be teased with a wonderfully warm weekend, but have to suffer through 20 degree below windchill tomorrow and 4-6 inches of snow on Friday first. Lame.
  5. Well it thawed enough yesterday and today that I could at least get the car into the dealership for that replacement battery they promised me. Hopefully this trend will continue!
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