The younger generation has no clue about cars.......

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  1. So I was picking up dinner in my 2001 SL 600 Mercedes (V-12 motor) at the local drive through when the teenage Hispanic kid says "Wow man that is a cool looking car". At this point I thought he might know something about cars so I say to him "this is the special model with the V-12 motor". His response to this was "Is that like a special V-8 or something"? At this point I told him to think about 3 Honda Civic motors put together and that was what was under the hood. The look on his face after about 4-5 seconds of it trying to register was a look I will never forget.

    He was in pure amazement.

  2. I take that comment to heart. Just because one hispanic kid didn't know what your v-12 was the younger generation has no clue about cars. I'm 20 and I have a 67 coupe with a 302 that I built that dynoed 340 ponies to the back tires. I also have a 73 Beetle with a 2110cc flat four aircooled with an aluminum case super flow heads and a header and turbo system that I TIG welded together using a custom EFI system. That cars pulls 11's all day long and still works as a daily driver. Also a bronco with a stroked 351W. So before you make judgments make sure you talk to more than one person from the (younger generation) I have numerous friends my age that are very good with cars and have great respect for them.At least that one hispanic Kid gave you a complimant!
    I come on these types of forums to learn and have more respect for this hobby. Not to get pissed that somebody says the younger generation (my generation) doesn't have a clue about cars
  3. BTW I am 34 and I still think MOST younger people don't know jack about cars. It was nothing personal to you.
  4. i agree, already put a roller 5.0 conversion in mine, fixina put a new roller motor in mine and a friends. already did complete suspension on mine, fiberglass frontend, have had a VW 2A 5spd sitting out in the middle of the driveway before off my dad's 96 2.0
  5. I'm 20 also, and I'm thinking you haven't been exposed to very many people your own age. THE MAJORITY of people our age know jack about cars. Everything they know they learned off of The Fast and Furious and Need For Speed Underground.
    To our generation, tuning cars is not a hobby you do because you enjoy it. It's something you do to look cool in front of your peers. But I guess that's not being totally fair. I've seen several old guys at Mustangs shows drag news reporters and beg magazine editors to do features on their cars. O well...I don't know what I was saying. :shrug:
  6. I agree. I'm 26 now and when I was 21 just getting into all I could do was change my own oil. Not saying I no anything now, but I did fab up my own kit to drop a Ford T-5 behing my Mopar 318 in a 65 Barracuda. And, mated with a 9" out of a 66 Bronco I was able to use a Ford driveshaft from a 66 Mustang that fit perfectly. I can look back two weeks and see how much I've learned. With people like you and the internet I am learning more and more everyday. Tell you what, someday, you will learn something new from a youngster. Two heads are better than one, no matter what the age. :)
    Thank you John.
  7. Wow, all the way up to 34 now. Good thing you aren't part of the "younger generation"! LOL! ;)

    One a side note, I have noticed that getting a car parked in valet when you have a stick shift is getting more difficult.
  8. I knew this was coming...............

  9. I agree whole heartedly that the younger guys don't know jack about cars.
    HOWEVER As a 15 year old nither did I, even though I colud rattle off all the proper BUZZ words, that I'd read about in the magazines. Because at that stage of my life, that was about the extent of my experiences. Time gives a different prospective.
    But you younger guys JUST GOTTA BELIEVE ME, when I tell ya,"When your 56, you too will be laughing to your self, about how :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: TOTALLY CLUELESS :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: the younger guys(as a group) are to you" :nice:
    And before you get totally bent out of shape , remember that to me , a lot of 36 year olds fall into the category of "Younger Guys" Hehheh
  10. Ah, but, jbsteven, you called it a motor when actually it is an engine. Sure you know what your talking about? LOL
    Just messing. (look at Tubo3's signature)

    I am 16 and have performed my whole EFI swap. I am used to the morons at school who ask me this and that trying to compete with me. I can honestly say (not to brag) I am the smartest kid in my school when it comes to cars.

    There are too many retards out there who are just posers. Act like they know it all, know whats the fastest, and only drive a minivan or fuel-economic compact car.
  11. Did you hear about the guy who brought his Cobra back to the dealer becauswe of a whine under heavy acceleration? There's a whole thread about it on another Mustang message board. It was posted by the tech at the dealership.

    (The whine was normal. It came from the supercharger.)
  12. hahaha, there was one like that on a computer forum i go to, the guy bought a new processor and tried to "chip the black thing in the middle off with a butter knife" hahahaha, that just happens to be the cpu CORE, dummies.

  13. I am younger than you by more than 10 years and this "hispanic kid" will tear you a new one when it comes to cars. :D

    Might as well just have said this "wetback" didn't know ****............. :rolleyes:
  14. Hey. I am young and I know about cars.

    I know more about the 350 engines in the Shelby GT350s than you ever will!!!!!!!
  15. Lets not get so sensitive here guys.
    99% of the time kids don't know about cars. I have to agree.
  16. Hey, this is Deanna a.k.a. MustangGurl

    There are a VERY FEW of us belonging to the younger generation that knows about cars. Hey, growing up with Chepsk8, I was going to car shows as you as 3 months old. So classic cars, especially classic 'Stangs are in my blood. So there are a few of us out there...
  17. I doesnt hurt me very much that you say "younger generations dont know jack about cars," because there are alot of kids out there who think they know what they are talking about when it comes to cars. But there are many of us who know our cars, i am 17 and i owned my first two mustangs at 15. They are a '95 cobra and a '70 mustang, and i restored my whole 1970 mustang by myself. I rebuilt the 302 engine at 15. I also have a friend that restored his '69 Chevelle by himself, engine, body work, interior, the works. Its just not cool to say that the younger generation dont know jack because thats not giving the kids that know just as much as any other guy on this forum any credit for their achievements with their own cars.
  18. i'm 20 and started building cars when I was 15

    I've built a very nice 67 coupe, as well as a completely custom Jeep CJ7 rockcrawler with airbags and a stroked 302HO :D Every single part imaginable has either been changed, customized, cut up, welded, torched, or messed up at one point.

  19. Just because they don't know jack doesn't mean that they can't learn. I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't come out of the womb with a wrench in one hand and a mustang owners manual in the other. I was lucky enough to have a dad and a step dad who were patient enough to teach me enough to be dangerous when it comes to cars and I look forward to teaching that dangerous knowledge to my kids, my nieces/nephews and their friends if they want to learn. If nothing else my daughter will at least be able to change the oil, plugs and filters to save herself a few extra bucks, if not being able to rebuilt the car for her old man when he's too old and lazy to crawl around on the cold garage floor. :)

  20. Tell me more about the 350 engines in the shelby gt350's?