The younger generation has no clue about cars.......

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  1. I'm 21, and have built 2 race motors, rebuilt a stock motor, and helped my dad restore a car so far....gee I hope someday I'll learn something about cars :rolleyes:

    Surely you didn't think you could make a thread like this and not expect people to take offense...

    btw any pics of the mercedes?
  2. Finally someone got the joke. :bang:
  3. i have to tell you that for the most part, most people of ANY age know jack about cars. some people know the buzz words, and might know a little, but that is just enough to make them dangerous, and stupid.
  4. anyone realize that this thread was almost 3 months old?? :) :) :)
  5. interesting responses. kinda old thread.
  6. I will agree with jbsteven for the most part. There are exceptions, but most kids in this day and age are into the Fast & the Furious and rap garbage they see on T.V. that preaches bling bling and posing. I am only 17 years old, and know more than anybody in my school of $3000+ it is sad. There is one chevy kid i talk with occasionally who knows his stuff though. I am almost done doing a full engine build, and a t5 swap. Now let's just hope that i can get it to start otherwise all of my knowledge amounts to jack. :D
  7. i work with a bunch of 20something guys and they care more about how big the wheels are and how many video screeens are in the vehicle that anything else. ask them what size motor they have and you usually get the deer in the headlights look. some are into imports but they are in a small minority and they no nothing about the old pushrod monsters that we drive.
  8. I'm part of this younger generation you speak of. I certainly dont know EVERYTHING there is to know about cars. I mean when you were 21 I'm sure you didn't know everything there was to know about cars either. You've learned over time and so do most people in my generation. I mean my dads generation could say the same thing as you that the younger generation doesn't know jack about cars. But lets face it, the majority of people dont know anything about cars other than that they have 4 tires and a motor. Give that kid a break, hes just learning
  9. I dont know jack

    Hey, glad to see you care so much about the younger generation. I am 20 years old and about 3 weeks away from a degree in Automotive service, So when that big fancy 12 cylinder Benz of yours craps out let me know I will take a look at it for you and probably fix it in the same amount of time it will take you to rebuild your carb. (not knockin carbs) And if you dont want me to do it Then I could get one of the other 30 kids in my graduating class to look at if for you. Why do you care if people share your interest, maybe that kid at the Mcdonalds drive through didnt care if it had 12 cylinders I would look at you with a stupid look to if I didnt know you and you started bragging up your 65,000 dollar car. No one gives a ***** pal!!
  10. I didn't know this thread was still going! lol

    Why are some of you young people getting so offended? I didn't give a s**t what he says about us younger kids. I know what I can do and have proof that I know a good amount about cars. :shrug:
  11. younger generation

    Its not so much that I am offended its that this ******* seems to think that every kid on the block should share his past time that he had as a kid and that at the "old age" of 34 ( which I dont consider old) the younger generation is just a bunch of schmucks so to MR. "I'm so great" :cheers: and next time you have your car worked on look at the guy there is a damn good chance he is younger then you and believe it or not probably has forgotten more then you'll ever know

  12. Relax dude! He wasn't trying to offend anyone. Just pointing something out. He also wasn't trying to say that no young guy knows about cars just the majority. You can't argue with that, the majority of kids don't know as much as they think they know. This is from a 17 year old so I know what the kids are talking about these days. Most of the kids are concerned about how low their ride, how big the wheels are, and if it's "pimpin". Most of them don't even know the difference between 302 and 460, to them it's a just a "V8 in a rustang that they beat with their best friend's mother's brother's grandson's V-TEC honda".
  13. Seems like a lot of the "younger guys" are flipping out... I'm probably the one of the youngest guys posting in this threat, at 19, but I've already built one complete car--went from an 86 rolling chassis to a running, driving, fully-optioned 87-93 LX street car--and many, MANY motors...

    Now to give credit where it's due--I would know absolutely nothing without the "older generation" teaching me. Granted, I learned a lot from doing stuff on my own, like electrical stuff and the basics of motors, but the majority, I learned from watching the old-school guys.
  14. I tend to agree. I'm 18 and I've got the experience (and some cash lol) so I have experience. I've wrenched on carbs, efi anything. I mean some do truly know some (but not all) like me, but most don't. For instance, my one buddy couldn't even put on his H-pipe on his mustang GT lol. I've rebuilt my 289, done efi stuff. it's cool to know more than alot of people at your school.
  15. I didn't know much when I was 15, so I got a job at a service station (remember those?) to learn. I also went to a well respected private trade school and became a NIASE certified Master Technician when I was 19. Most the people in the program were my age.

    Training is nice, but it took a little while to gain the experience to truly feel like I knew everything. I have spent the last 35 years inlearning it...LOL.

    Yes, it's an old thread, but when you lose three months of data, what was old is new again!
  16. When I was younger helping my uncle fixing cars he would ask for a wrench if I gave him the wrong one he would hit me with it. Could never under stand why he got so mad until I had my son helping me with my car and I swear he would bring me the wrong tool just to piss me off and make me come out from under the car and get it my self. Some kids just dont want to learn any thing about cars. I sat him down and said if you want to dive this car when you are 16 you better learn to fix it now beacuse when it breaks when your driving it I will give you the wrong tools to see what you can do. LOL I fixed him I tell yea. He learned real quick to give me the right tool or to ask what does it look like before handing me the wrong one.
  17. Well, if this isn't a thread to post at....geez

    I really don't have an opinion on the matter except that this is kink of a stereotype, just like any other comment about a group. Should Have said it a different way, especially on this forum were there are many younger people.

    That is like me saying that girls don't know **** about computers because I do software engineering etc, doesn't make me the look any better, plus that is wrong, look at the hot girls of techtv and there are some girls I know that know a great deal more than me.

    Just a thought.
  18. ps. I think this thread was mainly to post that you have a 2001 SL 600 Mercedes. Which I think is an ugly car, sorry.
  19. at 17 i bought my 68 coupe. stripped it. rebuilt the rearend all around suspension. built a 351 windsor for it. did all the drivetrain work including rebuilding that pos c4 that the car came with only to have it take a dump on me then i droped in a tci streetfighter. put it a band m shifter did many many other things including an enditre front end sheetmetal replacement includintg core support both apron and front crossmember. i also did all the wiring on my car and work. I learned most of my stuff by myself or from here and more specifically ronstang. the thing is alot of people dont know let alone care to know about this stuff because lets face it. being classic owners dooms us to certain difficult tasks that most will never need to do in a new modern car and we are the minority. but as was said before most dont know anything about cars but for those of us that do lets try and be a little nice to those who dont.
  20. being 23 I know for a fact that "most kids" dont know jack about cars, some know a bit and others know a great deal. It largely depends on their upbringing. I have been around cars since day one but have just reciently been learning about body work. My car is getting redone as we speak, it is in my buddies shop which has a few people with over 20 years expierience. The amount of knowledge they have is amazing and it would be a waiste for me not to take as much as possible from them.