1. next person who makes a post and puts a title so friggin vague like "What" and "look", is going to be beaten severely about the face and neck!

  2. next

  3. 140cilx---> :chair:
  4. StangerJon--->:chair:
  5. [​IMG]

    mr woodster--->:chair:

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  6. gimme

    50 bucks
  7. check your TPS voltage.

  8. Its so easy, and you set yourself up if I might say so. lol Don't tell people what they are doing wrong, they'll just do it more :D I applaud the StangNet smarta$$es
  9. It was kinda obvious wasn't it?

    ..done on purpose.
  10. ---->Keasbey:chair:

  11. Mike SVOR -----> :chair:
  12. :uzi: :crazy: wow stangnet is.....exciting now
  13. Mike

    Great news for you! My MSD rpm activated switch box arrived yesterday. And the 30 psi Hobbes switch. Had to order another since the Hobbes switch I've had all this time said 5 psi on it in really tiny tiny print. That was aggravating. Oh, and another piece of mandrel 45 2.5" for the IC tubing I needed is here as well.

    Knew you'd want to know! :D
  14. What

    are you using the 30 psi switch for?