1. cut off

    for the n2o in case I ever lose fuel pressure.
  2. TIP: DONT trust your fuel system farther than you can throw it....with the tank full :nice:
  3. Just incase u didnt know you can just scroll over the title and read part of the post before you open the page...
  4. My mom said don't wipe from back to front anymore
  5. Blinker fluid 15.79 per gallon
  6. Dude your late.
  7. whatever happend too all the cool people on stangnet....(of course crow is still here...) svo1, 140cilx, stinger(here sometimes),turbobob, etc etc...there are still a few cool ones left...where everyone GO!! :nonono:
  8. all the same crap

    It is because the same stuff gets put on the board all the time. There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere. :lock:
  9. :damnit: :fuss:
  10. Feeling NO love for the Doc! :(

  11. I've got love for the doc, makes me feel ok your still here :nice: Just seems like some of the regulars are disapearing, now turboford is down ...lol maybe they shall come back! :p
  12. hey... I'm here too.. maybe I'm not really loved but I'm here everyday since I'm registered... :D
  13. I'm here way too much. :p

  14. *feels the unlove* I know I don't help out much, but Im here almost everyday :shrug:
  15. Turboford.org

    I've been here since 2001 and remember when stinger was N/A and crovax's car was even slower than it is now and everyone made fun of him and called him names.
  16. :nice:
  17. Well somethings change for the better

    while other stay the same! :p Guess i kinda jumped the Gun, you guys are still stalking these boards , just seems like its needs to be livend up in here again...breath some fourced induction into the 2.3 forum! :D
  18. :D I remember thing before crow and stinger and etheridge were even here!
    I remember when reindeer was on all the time as a mod.
    I remember it being Red84pony
    I remember REDLx not even being a mod! lol

    I have been here longer than almost everyone.

    And crow... I was late because some idiot ricer was pissed off because a 2.3 with a better soundind exhaust beat his vtec civic..... :D
  19. If

    a quiz is quizzical, what is a test? :banana:
  20. Where do you guys get the "w" from?