'THEFT" Light Flashing. Why?

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  1. 'THEFT' Light Flashing pattern 6 - pause - 1. Why?

    My car has recently taken to flashing the Theft light when I start it. First it flashes fast about 20 times and then it settlesinto a pattern of 6 flashes - pause - 1 flash - pause - 6 - 1 - etc. Any ideas what this means?
  2. 98GT RagTop:

    The PATS system has a fault. The codes are described in the shop manual. I will try to remember to look them up for you when I get home.
  3. That happened to me when I put bigger throttle body on. I just reset the computer by disconnecting the neg. battery cable for about 15 min. and reconnecting. Problem solved after that.
  4. 98GT RagTop:

    Too much stuff to do last evening, will try again today. Sorry for the wait.

  5. Did you steal the car?
  6. my theft light will only flash when i get in the car... when i turn her on it goes off :shrug: (but mine was bought from auction of stolen/found car)
  7. thats what its supposed to do.

    go back to ford and tell em to fix that ish ASAP or you'll give em the ass whoopin of life :p

    nvm, ur a little late on the warrenty. oh well, go to ford and just give em that ass whooping for not having thought that far ahead in the future to forsee ur problem :nice:
  8. Stolen you say?!

    Nah, not stolen, bought it off the lot in 99. It's only recently been doing this. Possibly related is the fact that my battery has also taken to completely discharging if I don't drive the car for a week or so. The battery takes a charge and the alternator tested OK, but I don't know whats going on. ALso, neither my cigarette lighter and aux port work any more... The fuse is fine and I replaced the lighter element, but no juice to either one. Guess I can't complain since the car has never had a single problem in 5 years.
  9. 98GT RagTop:

    Well, I'm afraid that the shop manual is not too helpful here. It mentions the diagnostic 'codes' for the perimeter alarm system (1 flash indicates that the door lock cylinder switches are normal, 2 flashes indicate a door lock cylinder switch input is shorted, 3 flashes indicate the luggage compartment lock cylinder switch is shorted, and 4 flashes indicate that both inputs are shorted) but nothing about PATS. We are referred to the Electrical & Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual and the Powertrain Control/Emissions Diagnostics Manual.

    The shop manual does provide an extensive list of trouble codes that are generated by PATS problems. Some things that appear on the problem list include: new key (programming fault), damaged key [transponder], transceiver fault, PATS module fault. Could have something to do with the battery (going from charged to not). If you stop by AutoZone, they can read the code. At least you will know what to have your Ford tech fix!

    Sorry that the manual didn't have enough info in it for further clues as to the root cause of the THEFT light problem. When you find out, please post back with the news.

    Good luck!

  10. This exact thing happened to me today. All internet searches have been useless, so far. I'm curious if anybody ever figured out what the problem was. I realize this is an old post, but hopefully somebody may remember.

    Right after starting, the "Theft" light flashed, rapidly, for about 30 seconds. While driving down the highway, it flashed six times (slowly), paused, flashed once, paused, etc. This continued for about three miles and then it went away on its own.
    Is this something I should be concerned about?
  11. thats odd, if pats fails the ecu wont fire the engine

    odd indeed, but as long as the vehicle still runs i personally wouldnt be concerned with it

    when pats fails completely and you cant crank the engine, then you have problems

    nothing a chip/tune cant fix, but with pats disabled in the ecu the light will flash constantly
  12. Well, that's a relief. I've never really had starting issues. None that involved the theft light anyway. I was just curious. I have a SCT Livewire tuner plugged in at all times, but I somehow doubt that it would be the cause.
    I suppose, if the same thing happens again, I could just take it to the dealership and ask a service technician for advice.

    Thanks for the input!