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  1. I've been on here for a little while now and haven't posted much about my own car. So, I decided I'd share a little with everyone. Everything I've done has been over the course of 8 months. She's sadly far from finished. If you guys wanna see some more pictures just let me know, I've got plenty of 'em!

    EDIT: I didn't post too much of the stuff that I've done because I didn't want to add too many pictures right off the bat lol. Just giving everyone a quick little preview of under the hood and the exterior.
  2. Hey what's going on? I would like to see more pics since I'm restoring a mustang in similar shape. Thanks.
  3. I haven't been able to do anything with the car recently because I'm saving all my money for a dyno tune. I'm focusing on getting it running good, then paint/body, and last I'll do the interior. But I have spent a little money on interior. I've got new carpet ready to go in and new door panels. I need all new weather stripping and I've got good interior panels for it too. And, I should be getting it painted soon. I helped a buddy of mine pull the trans out of his notch and my dad built it so him and his dad are gonna do the paint and body. I'm gonna go metallic silver and may have some black racing stripes or something. Haven't yet decided
  4. Cool project. Keep it rolling!
  5. Thanks! I'm trying to get it finished. One of these days she'll be done
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  6. Figured I would revive my old azz thread.

    Set up a new rear end for my car. '96 GT rear end with fox length hardened axles and disk brakes with stock SN brake brackets. disks.jpg
    disks 2.jpg

    Plus tons of suspension stuff.
    Tubular upper and lower control arms. Rear 10 way adjustable shocks. 10 way firmess AND height adjustable coil over struts. Also have Steeda C/C plates to go with the coil overs
    shocks and struts.jpg
    Coil Over Stuts.jpg

    Car is at a buddy's shop right now for paint and body.
    2 part BS.jpg

    Right now it has some 2 part polyester based stuff sprayed on it. It expands out so you can block out the car easier or something like that. Paint and body is NOT my thing so sorry if I sound ignorant on this part.

    Car will hopefully be painted within the next 2 weeks so I can start throwing parts at it. I'll update again when I either get more parts in or when I get the car back.

    Before I took the car off for paint, I got the engine completely finished. After 5 months of it sitting in the corner of my shop running like A** I did a MAF swap. It still didn't run right because I didn't get a calibrated MAF. Got one after probably a month, still didn't run right. Stepped up to a 190 LPH fuel pump and set fuel pressure. Seems to run great.
  7. Thanks!
    Just got word from my buddy who's doing the body work. It'll be all blocked this weekend and painted (HOPEFULLY) by next weekend. I'll definitely upload pictures when it's done.

    Once I get it back I'm doing the 3G alt. conversion then wiring up my E fan. It's supposed to be thermostatically controlled but the sensing bulb isn't making proper contact. So I'm gonna wire it up on a switch so I don't have to worry about it not coming on thermostatically. And that way I can make a few high speed blasts up and down the road to REALLY see how it runs. Then on to the suspension and finally interior.
  8. I have workshop envy!

    Nice work.
  9. Thank you very much!
  10. Can't wait. I'm sure you're having more trouble waiting, though.

    And like Grover up there, I also have workshop envy. I get a stretch of driveway.
  11. I've had to repair trans cooler lines on my Bronco in my driveway before and it really made me appreciate having a shop. I don't like picking gravel out of my backside.

    For the first 8 months I had the car, I was trying to rush it and get it done quick, but all I ended up with was it running like ass. I finally started taking my time on everything I could and doing research on the things I didn't quite understand. So if I have to play the waiting game for it to come out how I really want it, that's okay with me!
  12. Here's another video of it before I took it off to paint and body. Has a few more revs in it so you can hear the exhaust at different RPMs unlike the other video where it's idle and then WOT lol
  13. That shop is bigger than my entire yard.

    I would have so many Foxes!
  14. I wish I could have a whole fleet of Foxes! But sadly, $8.75 an hour can't afford much lmfao.
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  15. I learned that lesson the hard way, too. Bent a valve and lost an old, faithful DD.

    It sounds beastly in that new video!
  16. Took me 6 months for a MAF conversion and a bigger fuel pump...

    I tried and tried and tried beating speed density somehow. Came on here and found out it was basically useless unless I wanted a dyno tune, then re-tune for every change I ever made. I then converted and used a MAF that was calibrated for 42's (we had 42 lb injectors, Calibrated MAF, and supercharger kit just laying around at the time) and not 24's but my dad swore up and down that it would work because he didn't belive in "that damn calibration bull:poo:". I finally told him it to f*ck off since it was my car and my money. Bought a calibrated MAF for my injectors, then a week later got a bigger fuel pump and it runs amazing.

    Oh and after I put the bigger fuel pump in, his exact words were "what was wrong with your old one?"
    Oh I dunno, maybe I'm trying to feed a 325 HP engine with a fuel pump designed for 225? Lmfao.

    But anyways kinda got off track there. Essentially what I'm trying to say is thanks to members here on Stangnet, my car is running excellent and without said members, my car would have a big pile of junk carburetor sitting on top of it right now.
    Research saves time, money, and even helps on making the car run 10x better.
  17. I have learned a ton from this site also. If you ever run into an issue, come do a search and you will most likely find a thread where someone else had the same issue. :SN:
  18. For sure. I typed in my problems on Google and Stangnet popped up with about half a million threads (sarcasm) stating that we (people like me who still had SD) needed to convert to MAF. I'm glad I did