Then and Now. '88 LX

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  1. Took the words right out of my mouth! Especially the "Now lower it" part. :D
  2. Yeah it looks like it has a lift kit. I think I'm going to lower it 1.5"
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  3. ^Should be awesome!
  4. looks good just needs to be finished up.
  5. Looks does have some 4x4 characteristics to it :D
  6. I also have all new bushings and everything all around so I'm hoping after it's driven a bit it'll settle down a little bit. Then I can evaluate how low I really should go
  7. I drove it today. Makes me want to finish it so bad. First and second gear spin the tires like crazy, though. After I burn through these cheap tires I may end up getting some Nitto's.
    I for some reason though have this thought in the back of my head that my electric fan is gonna burn up and leave me stranded. I've been on the internet too much reading crappy reviews on it ;)
    Does anyone know of somebody that had good luck with the Proform electric fan? I've seriously thought about buying a flex fan and keeping it in the car along with some tools just in case the fan ever burns up.
  8. proform fans are junk. i would go with a company like SPAL, Be Cool, Derale and flex-a-lite.
  9. I'm gonna run it till it quits lol
    Or if it doesn't cool well enough
  10. Got my cobra master on, adjustable prop valve, gutted the factory ones and bled the whole system. Then went to the parking brake set up. My dad swore up and down that '94 and up cables would work, but I told him that's not what I had seen online. He then went on to say I shouldn't believe everything I see on the internet (which is good advice, but not on this particular subject) So I said whatever. He took it upon himself to buy Sn95 parking cables and we went to put them on today. His exact words were "Oh, this ain't gonna work" and I said "So you mean to tell me the internet was right?" Boy that pissed him off :lol:

    So I'm going to be ordering the PROPER cable set up, which is what I should have done long ago. But I just wanted dad to know he was wrong, and I wanted him to learn it the hard way :p
  11. Ive run around alot without my fan turned on and it never really got to the point where it did any serious damage. It got close once or twice but if i noticed that it wasnt working i pulled over and checked it out and if i Had to turned the heat on full blast and jus took it straight home. I know you have aluminum heads as i did too but if something where to happen i think it would be alright to take it straight home as long as its not stopligt to stoplight.
  12. Good luck putting the fan on without burning the s#$t out of your hands on the side of the road though! lol Might not be super hot but it would be unpleasant for sure if it was driving for any amount of time
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  13. Good point!
  14. Looks great!
  15. Finally something worth mentioning. Taking the car off to the body shop Monday so they can get the trash out of the clear :D they said they'll have it about a week or so. I'm ready to start throwing more parts at this thing. And I absolutely need to lower it. I was thinking 1.5 lowering springs and new top and bottom isolators. Anybody have any suggestions or think this is a good plan?
  16. I ran a Proform fan on my car for about the last year and a half without any issues. It was installed by the PO so I didn't change it out. I have just recently changed it out to go back to using a stock shroud with an e-fan stuffed in it, but I didn't have any complaints when I ran it.

    A lot of people seem to think they're junk, and maybe I've just been lucky.
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  17. I messaged another user on here about the fan. He hadn't had it long but so far he's been real happy with his so I'm hoping I'm going to have good results like you guys.
    I'm just weird. All my vehicles before this thing have either had clutch fans or flex fans. I'm just a little behind on the times :p
  18. I was finally able to take my car for a drive. It was short but sweet. Drove it from my shop to the body shop which was maybe at the most 3 miles away. I totally loved it. I was just amazed at how good it road (I DD a lifted Bronco so almost anything rides better than it). I never got on it hard or anything, just cruised casually down there since I have no speedo cable installed and I REALLY don't need to be caught speeding in a car with no seat belts, no title, and no insurance.
    I can tell all the BS is finally starting to pay off, though. All the crap I've had to deal with in this whole project is definitely going to be worth the end result I get. For once, I'm actually happy with my car.
  19. :doh:

    Ahmm... I fully expect you to turn yourself in to the police! I can't believe all of this illegal activity on Stangnet :nono:

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  20. :lol: Yes officer, I'll get right on that :p