Then and Now. '88 LX

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  1. In other news, went down to the body shop today to check on the car. Looks so much better now! They've gotten almost all the junk out of the clear and are going to fix a couple little minor chips in the paint. They're going to have to completely respray the spoiler though because the paint started to bubble up in 2 spots. It's looking good so far!
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  2. Drove the car back from the body shop. She's looking damn good now!
    But with the paint just about as perfect as it's ever going to get, I can see where the previous body guy put body filler on a few places and I can see more dents that he missed. Oh well. I'm gonna get the interior in, lower it, and drive the ever living p*ss out of it.
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  3. Now you're talkin!
  4. I painted some interior pieces using LRS rattle can interior paint. I was actually surprised at how well it worked out and how good the paint covered. I figured one can per big interior molding but 1 can alone almost covered both pieces. I had enough left over to do 3 more random interior pieces.

    And here's the car sitting all pretty now. Pictures obviously don't show the difference, but in person there's a HUGE difference between what it looked like right after paint, and what it looks like now.



    I also put new hatch shocks on and put my quarter windows in. Made sure to use plenty of 3M window weld on them so they'll seal up good. I've ordered new windshield molding and roof rail moldings as well since mine were all mangled and nasty. And I'm going to order springs tonight so this thing will sit nice and low lol. If everything goes right, I'll probably have it back together in the next couple of weeks hopefully :D
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  5. All the hard work starts to pay off once you start seeing it come together and you get to drive it a little as you continue progress. I'm starting to see mine come together and it just motivates me to keep going. It's all about the journey as well as enjoying the end result (if there is ever an end).

    Good work and good luck with the rest of your project.
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  6. Love that paint and those wheels. Goes very well with the saleen kit. It's gonna look great with the proper stance.
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  7. Absolutely. It's going to look killer.

    What color did you paint the rear interior panels? I think the first picture is probably a little off but the RH panel looks silver. I'm guessing it's grey?
  8. Yes sir it's grey. They look really good in person, but of course cell phone pictures don't capture everything perfectly

  9. Thank you guys very much :D
  10. Here it is with some actual sun light on it. The quarter glasses make it look so much better :p

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  11. I just realized you didn't paint the window frame black, kinda gives it a t-top look in the pic.
  12. What springs are you going with? I'm looking for some springs myself and I'm having a tough time deciding.
  13. Darn, that there shure is perty...
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  14. I'd like to say I got the Sportline springs from Eibach. Whichever ones lower it 1.5 inches.

    And on that same topic, the springs came in. So either this weekend or one night this week I'll have it lowered
  15. Yeah with all the hassle with the paint already, I decided to make it super easy on everybody and told them to spray everything blue except for the cowl hood lol
  16. 5FD538B3-D3A8-4F8B-A25F-67C57D238D43-1797-000000C08F04A445_zps0ae13f06.jpg

    Here it is after lowering it. I lowered it an extra 3/4 of an inch in the front after this picture was taken by swapping around some of the components of the coil overs. I haven't taken any good pictures of it since then. It's been rainy and there's pollen everywhere so my car looks like a giant blue-yellow turd right now. And I'm basically burnt out on it. I've got a popping out of the passengers side exhaust that I just can't seem to resolve and I'm getting coolant in my oil. I'm thinking I messed up months ago when I had to swap lifters out. I think I messed up the intake gaskets somehow when installing the intake. That's the only thing I can think of, because I'm really hoping it isn't a head gasket. Oh and speaking of the intake, I'm getting oil in the upper plenum. I'm pretty sure when I put the engine together, I left the screen out for the PCV valve and it's allowing engine oil to be sucked up into the plenum. So pretty much I'm going to be ripping the intake off for a second time. Hopefully I won't be pulling heads off.
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  17. Well tonight was the first time I've worked on my car since my last post. Took the intake off to check to see if that's where my coolant leak was. Sure enough, had antifreeze up in the lifter valley. And one of the tabs on the head gasket that holds the intake gasket up into place was all bent and mangled up. So what I'm thinking is that back when I had the intake off last, I bent the tab and the intake gasket wasn't being held into place properly, and got it misaligned when putting the intake back on. And I'm hoping that I'll also resolve the popping out of the passenger side exhaust after I get the intake gasket situation all fixed up. Because I'm pretty sure the messed up intake gasket was on the passenger side (the bent head gasket tab was on pass. side). But I honestly couldn't get that lucky. So my next post will probably be b*tching about this thing again :lol:

    If this fixes the popping and my coolant leak, then all that is left is interior and a few little miscellaneous things :)
    Oh and what's the point of a thread without more pictures?
    random picture of engine with intake off. You can see the antifreeze tucked up into spots in the lifter valley

    And I guess some more noteworthy things to bring up are that I ran my speedometer cable finally and I fixed my chewed up trans harness. I should have just bought a used harness, repairing mine was an absolute pain lol
  18. Hopefully all is well once you get it put back together.
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  19. I'm hoping the same. I need something to go correctly with this car for once lol
  20. When I installed my lower intake a couple weeks ago I used a small amount of copper RTV sealant in between the head and the intake gasket, just to hold it in place. I also used (4) studs that were about 5" long and threaded into the block. I used those to line up the intake manifold and drop it down onto the gaskets in the proper place, and square. Worked like a charm (at least I don't see any leaks).