Then and Now. '88 LX

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  1. I have a whole Autometer gauge cluster all wired up and just ready to be installed into the car. Can't believe I haven't uploaded a picture of it.
    The thing is, they're all electric. I wanted mechanical oil pressure gauge and water temp gauge but they both have electric sending units. I'm hoping they're still pretty accurate.
  2. DSC_0170_zps07a8552b.jpg

    I just absolutely love the look of the stock fan/shroud and overflow set up for some reason :p
    Oh and don't harass me about the one yellow plug wire. I burnt up one of the Ford Racing ones and all I had were some old Accels laying around.
  3. they work great and are a breeze to install
  4. Sweet, this is good to know.
    Do you know if there are any ill effects by leaving the factory oil sending unit unplugged and me just putting my new gauge sending unit in the same spot? Because I wouldn't mind a dead oil pressure gauge inside the dash since it's probably so far off anyways.
  5. None that's how I have mine set up.
  6. Alright thanks man!
  7. Do you have the Florida 5.0 gauge cluster? Or does Autometer make one too?
  8. I should have said gauge "Pod" not cluster :p
  9. nice, I went with the water temp and oil pressure in the vent cage. kind of which I went with the smaller gauges under the radio like you did. I am running both the stock and autometer water gauges and just the autometer oil gauge. the difference between the two water temp units shows just how inaccurate the stock needles are.
  10. And that is why I got these gauges. I don't wanna burn up a fresh build because I don't know what temp my car is actually running lol. After I installed the clutch fan and filled the radiator full of coolant, I let the car run for probably 20 minutes or so and the temp gauge never got above the half way mark. But my F250 I drive doesn't even get to the N on Normal in it's gauge cluster. These Ford gauges are a joke
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  11. Not much progress has been made and possibly not for a while either.
    I got all the interior hatch panels done minus the shock covers and rear seats installed. I need to clean the seats and then bolt them in. Then it's on to the front half of the interior. I should have everything I need, but if I don't I can't just splurge like I used to. The girlfriend and I are trying to find a place to live and the initial costs of everything is gonna have us tapped the hell out. Can't wait till we find a good place and get everything settled because I have this and other projects I need to finish up -_-
  12. Even though my fox is gone, I still keep an eye on these build threads, its looking great! Make sure to get some video when its on the road.
  13. I will. I have a GoPro with the suction cup mount. I've been dying to hang it up inside the car and go for a cruise.
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  14. I haven't done anything to this car since my last post besides rip the dash back out to check over why my blower motor wasn't working. In the process I broke the AC selector switch, which is discontinued from Ford. Also, O'reilly's doesn't have it. Searched around online and found one brand new in the box that someone had laying around for years lol. My problem with the fan not working was the ground for the fan speed switch had come out of the connector. Took the whole dash apart for one wire. Just my luck lol. So now it's just sitting there still all taken apart :p
  15. I'll be done with the car next year. Maybe. Lmao
  16. Excellent progress you've made. Cant wait to see how it finishes up. If I could make a suggestion- get rid of the BBK SSI intake. They are fire hazards IMO on top of terrible performance.
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  17. Yeah ive already had to deal with the fuel leaks they get. That sure sucks
  18. Reread this whole thread and it has me excited to finish the car. I'm going to start working on it this week, tomorrow afternoon to be exact. I still have quite a bit to do but nothing that is hard. Also, the girlfriend got me door speakers, 6x9's, and a head unit for the car so I'll have to wire that up as well. And also wire up my gauges. I've already put the temp sending unit and oil sending unit in place, so this won't be hard. Just running a few wires. I also need a resistor because my blower motor is only working on high. A lot that's left with the car is electrical and interior related. As long as I stay motivated, I'll have it done relatively quickly. I need to get it done quickly, I'm tired of seeing it sit and I'm tired of driving the gas hog Bronco everyday
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    also during summer time I washed my rear seats. They turned out nice. I used dawn dish soap and pressure washed them. I was completely surprised. These will be going in tomorrow along with whatever else I can get done.