Then and Now. '88 LX

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  1. I went and worked on it today instead of tomorrow. Got a ton of crap done thanks to one of my dad's friends stopping by and giving me a hand. He loves interior work and we kicked some ass today. Laid the carpet out nice and installed the rear seats, put all the seat belts in, put my doors back together (windows back in, door lock actuators, door panels, weatherstripping etc.) Put my dash back together. I'm only getting my defrost to work. And I'm getting vacuum through the fire wall and I made sure I connected all the vacuum hoses (that's why I pulled the dash to begin with) but I think I'll just let that be, at least for this winter. I can deal with it. All that's left of the interior is installing my new seats and putting the center console in. I'm gonna install the radio at a later time. The car is pretty much done, just some minor details that need to be worked out and a few miscellaneous trim pieces on the inside. Also still need front sway bar end links. I'm gonna order factory ones and put my Eibach bushings in them, I have 1 pair of Eibach sway bar end links and one Energy suspension pair and neither of them are long enough to work.
    Also put new windshield molding clips on, new windshield molding from LRS which BTW is awesome, and installed the lower plastic pieces. The outside of the car is entirely done now.
  2. I'll get some pictures of the interior tomorrow afternoon. It's nothing special, everyone has seen a fox interior, but my new seats are going to look killer inside the car.
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