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  1. Painting time! :D tomorrow or Sunday I'm hoping. 251461_4617496194163_1851638731_n.jpg
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  2. Got my spacers for the rear end. Fox axles don't fit properly inside of SN95 rear rotors so spacers are required. Haven't got around to putting them on yet. Also ordered the proper speedo gear since I have 3.27's now instead of 3.08's. IMG_0153.jpg

    Haven't gotten to paint just yet.
    The saying "You can't rush perfection" are the words of a lazy man IMHO.
  3. Got a little update. My new rear end has 3.73's in it.
    And on another note, my car MAY be done tomorrow. The painter goes off to work out of state (he does paint and body on the side) and he doesn't know when he's getting back. So it's supposed to be done tomorrow, but with how many times I've gotten my hopes up from him saying it'll be done soon, I don't believe it. If it isn't done, I'm picking the car up, telling him to F off, and taking it to a real body shop.
  4. Wow yea I would have already took it back!

    Just keep on his ass, I hate when shops are "steady" so they think they can put you on the back burner.
  5. Oh the shop isn't steady. At all. It's my buddies dad's shop.
    Me and my dad did some work on my friends car (built him a C4 and installed it) in exchange for them spraying my car. I had to buy supplies. I thought ok not too bad of a deal since I won't be out much money. And the guy does excellent work. But for some reason they're dragging as*. And it's a little one bay garage. Not like they have anything else to do.
    It's especially BS because me and my dad jumped right on his car and he was driving within 2 days, my paint job was supposed to take 2 weeks. It's now been 3.5 months that it's been in their shop.
  6. That's some sh** right there.
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  7. You can say that again.
  8. Ok so this morning I told my buddy that I was coming to pick up the car this afternoon after work. He told me they planned on spraying it today so I said ok spray it and I wont come get it. Well come this afternoon I drove up to the shop and my buddies dad was spraying the sealer on it. He said the sealer was essentially "turning inside out and fish eying" and that when he opened the can of sealer, there was like an inch of it settled down to the bottom. The sealer had been sitting at their shop un-opened for probably 3 weeks.

    Any of this sound right to you guys on here or is he just feeding me some :poo: to cover up a mistake he had made?
  9. He needed to shake it or stir is forever. The stuff has high solids and settles bad. As for fish eyes he needs to use a good pre-cleaner. I hope it wasn't fish eyes. If it is you have a mess.
  10. They were tiny little bubbles and they just called 'em fish eyes. I knew I should have gotten a picture. And they supposedly stirred the sealer for 2 hours. Now that I don't believe one bit, because throughout this whole thing, they've both come off as lazy as can be.
  11. Fish eyes are generally pencil eraser size or slightly smaller. They are circles with no material (sealer, primer, paint) in the middle. Silicone makes the paint rub away from the center. If it was little bubbles like pencil point size and raised in the middle I would say it was whats called solvent pop. It is when they dont wait long enough between coats for the solvent do dry and it tries to escape through the top coat causing a bubble.
  12. Definitely not fish eyes, then. And the bubbles were very small just like the solvent pop you described. But the 2 part polyester primer that had been put down before the sealer, had been on the car since I uploaded the picture of it being sprayed on the car(Aug 29). So I don't think it's that they didn't wait long enough.

    They were just little itty bitty bubbles and I could see yellow in the middle, and I am assuming the yellow I was seeing was the primer that had been laid down way before the sealer.
  13. Was just informed that the activator that O'reilly's gave me was for enamel paint and not for sealer.
  14. What brand of paint are you using?
  15. Nason
  16. Which is Dupont's economy brand. Good stuff.
  17. Ya Nason is good stuff I've shot a lot of Nason over the years.
  18. Since my car has been off at paint for a while, I've been able to save up quite a bit of money. Went onto LRS and just started ordering away lol. Got a prop valve plug, adjustable prop valve, 3-2 port conversion (or is it 2-3? I get it mixed up) and I'm gonna order a '93 Cobra master cylinder tomorrow from O'reilly's since I can get it cheaper and faster through them. And also tomorrow I'm going to buy my wheels. 17x9 Chrome FR500's and was thinking about running a 255/40 all the way around.
    The reason I want to go the same tire in the front and rear is so I can at least swap the tires front-to-back when they start getting a little wear in them. And I think I have to go with a 255 because of my coil-overs on the front.

    And I bought THIS

    I honestly probably didn't need after market sway bars, but I had some extra money and figured they couldn't hurt.
  19. Ya im kinda doing the same the parts wise. A friend of mine has a UPR k member, coil over and control arm set up that he put on his car about 6 months ago. The parts have about 20 miles on them. He's having some money problems and has decided to part out his car. Told me I could have the UPR set up for 450.00 I think its a good deal just having trouble deciding to spend the money or not. What part of Arkansas are you in?
  20. Northern part. 35 minutes south of Branson, MO.
    I would definitely get the UPR set up! That seems like a great price because I spent over $400 on JUST my coil overs! It was like $109 per strut and like $200 for the coil over conversion kit.