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  1. Well this morning before work I was just messing around on my phone and looking at old pictures I had on there. I stumbled upon this picture that I completely forgot about. I took this picture after I bought the sealer and activator and sent it to my friend to double check that I had gotten exactly what was needed. He told me that what I bought was good.


    This is the sealer the painter used. Sadly I didn't see what activator he had used. But these two items are what I bought, and if he REALLY did use some enamel paint activator with the sealer, then that's HIS fault for using something he had laying around. People really need to man the hell up and admit fault on things. But instead he blamed it on our local O'reilly's for giving me, at first, bad sealer and then later he decided it was the wrong activator. But really, I was given the correct activator when I bought the sealer.
  2. I decided I'm gonna go ahead and get the Upr set up. The bad part is I have to wait for him to pull it out. I hate waiting lol.
    I'm right across the bridge from you in Memphis
  3. You bought the right set up. I think he was spraying the sealer to thick to fast causing it to solvent pop. People tend to think when you seal a car you have to load the stuff on there thick with 2 or 3 coats but you dont have to. All you need is just one good even coat. I do body and paint work for a living and I cant remember ever having a problem spraying sealer. I think he was trying to put it on to heavy. Has he done anything else to your car?
  4. I don't think he's done anything since the mess up. He had to go back to work on a construction site outta state all this week and said it would be this weekend before he can finish the car
  5. Keep me posted on the progress and if worst comes to worst you can bring it to my shop in Memphis and we can get it straightened out.
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  6. The guys compressor took a :poo: on him. So I'm left with my car looking like this

    The guy who painted my dad's drag car (who did a FANTASTIC job) is who we're gonna try to get to paint the car. If we do get him to do it, it probably won't take long. He gets on sh*t and gets it done. Should have just had him do it in the first place.
  7. Dammit man that sucks but it may be a blessing in disguise. keep me posted
  8. Id be pretty heated as well. But you're making progress either way and its a good excuse to take it to a reputable painter. That other guy isnt doing himself any favors letting work like that roll out of his shop...
  9. My two options are: letting the guy who painted my dads car do it, or me and my dad try it out. I'm actually leaning more towards doing it myself, to be honest. I mean I've done everything else to the car, might as well spray it myself too. I figure since the sealer can always be worked down pretty good, I can spray that myself (and if I have any major runs or anything I can just sand it down good) and then let my dad spray the actual paint since he's actually has a little bit of experience. I'll know sometime this week which route I'm going to go.
  10. Well today I got sick and tired of my car going nowhere the past 3.5 months. I mixed up some sealer and went at it. Never sprayed any paint through a legit spray gun before in my life. I did the rear bumper first, had a nice run on it because I wasn't used to it. Then I continued on the rest of the car. Got everything besides the hood and front bumper done before my arm got tired and the gun started acting up. So my dad took over and was dicking with the gun. He finally found that the cap on top of the gun wasn't venting so the gun was building up a vacuum inside it, I assume. He took the cap out and BOOM it started spraying like crazy. So there's a LOT of runs on the front bumper and hood. After I seen how bad dad was doing, I took back over and finished it up. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would, so I'm super pleased. Plus it's nice to see it all in one color. Fox body 001.jpg Fox body 002.jpg Fox body 003.jpg Fox body 004.jpg Fox body 005.jpg
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  11. You can take you some 600 and wet sand the car and you can wet sand those runs out to get it slick just try not to go through the sealer. Are you gonna spray the base and clear yourself?
  12. I figured I would since I've already gotten this far myself. But I think I'm gonna use my cousins truck (the yellow Chevy in the back ground of one of the pics) as a practice paint job because I really do need more practice and she needs her truck painted
  13. Just take your time and dont get in a hurry and make sure everything is clean. You cant be to clean. If you need any help let me know maybe i can run up there one weekend.
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  14. Man I really do appreciate that offer! But, I'm gonna be taking it to a legitimate body shop this time around. It'll be late next week when I take it and it should be done early the following week. It's gonna be professionally done this time around. They said they would charge me about a grand seeing as they'll have roughly 30 hours in it.

    And today I went in early to get rid of the runs from yesterday. Ended up sanding down to the primer in numerous spots so I just ended up shooting more sealer on it and didn't let my dad try anything lol. Turned out good this time around.

    So now I'm not even gonna touch it until it comes time to haul it off to the body shop.
  15. It's coming along. :nice:
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  16. Looking good man, can't wait to get my build taking off just as soon as i'm done with this doctor stuff.
  17. Having some health issues?
  18. Yea gotta get intolerance tested and anxiety medicine, just sitting on cash with a unpainted car waiting to see how much its gonna run me.
  19. Man that sucks! I hope you get all that situated and in good health so you can get your build going!
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