Then and Now. '88 LX

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  1. Im glad to see everything is goingv your way!! Is your buddy mad at you for coming and getting it?
  2. No he was really apologetic and he seemed upset that he was letting me down. I'm still a little upset about it. I don't go out of my way to speak to him anymore. Kinda hard not to speak to him, though, I'm dating his sister lmfao!
  3. In other news, these came in. Can't wait till the paint and body is done so I can start throwing parts at this thing. You should see my parts PILE lol
  4. well lets see it then
  5. I'll have to get a picture tomorrow lol
  6. Tease!
  7. just like my wife all talk no action
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  8. Sorry guys, didn't think of taking a picture of it until David said to ;)

    This is off topic, but is it true that no company offers the windshield and back glass moldings? I've looked on AM and LRS and couldn't find anything besides the plastic windshield lower molding. And I want the metal ones that go all the way around the windshield and back glass lol
  9. hmm come to think of it nope ive never seen one anywhere
  10. Fox body 006.jpg Fox body 007.jpg

    It's such a mess lol. I need to go through and sort through all of it
  11. Would you like my address? :)
  12. Well my douche bag friend backed out on selling me the UPR k member kit. Why is it when someone says they have something for sale and you decide to buy it they decide to keep it? I need to figure out what Im going to do. I still have the 4 cylinder springs in the front of my car. It sits entirely to low in the front and rides like poo poo
  13. You can always put new coil overs on the front of your car for roughly $400 like I did :shrug:
    they won't be UPR but still damn nice parts
  14. Thats right poo poo
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  15. Do you have to run caster camber plates to run coil overs?
  16. F yeah! I'll be sure to send all my bills there ;)
  17. I don't think it's exactly required, but it's one of the mods that is advised to do while you're at it. I think it's so you can really dial in the alignment good. So, scratch the $400 statement, CC plates would bring it up to like $600.

  18. Ahhh, bills get thrown away here :notnice:.

    Car is looking good man. Things really start to come together when the whole car is one color.
  19. Oh man you can't be any more right! It's so nice to see it in one color
  20. Is it painted yet??