Then and Now. '88 LX

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  1. I wish lol. I guess my car will be done sometime next week. I meant to call down there today but never did
  2. Paint please. Thanks.
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    Found the wheel and tire combo I'm going with :D
    Never heard of these tires before, but they have okay reviews. The big thing is that they're cheap. And I just wanna get this thing on the road ASAP. Plus what's the point in shelling out the cash for some Nitto's when they're going to be burned off within a few weeks?
  4. Have you looked at CJ Pony parts? They have a lot more wheels than AM and LM.
  5. I haven't. But these are the wheels I'm dead set on. I've loved these wheels since I got my fox. I was bummed when LRS only had them in 18's lol. Thankfully AM has them in 17's or I'd have to settle for a wheel I don't like as much
  6. Car is all wet sanded and ready for paint.
    I'm afraid my car won't be completely finished until I'm balls-deep in winter here and that would really suck. I expected it to be done months ago, then I would have had nice days to go drive it. Not now lol
  7. It turned out a lot darker than I thought it would. And they wanna buff it a second time so I'll probably be picking it up tomorrow sometime. Oh and my dad took this picture with his Razr so that's why it's all grainy. I'll upload some better pictures with my phone tomorrow
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  8. Looks Good!!!!! :nice::nice:
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  9. Looks like kona blue, best color imo!
  10. I was going for Sonic Blue but it looks like it turned out a bit darker than that. It may just be the lighting and angle of the picture. I actually haven't seen it in person yet.

    It honestly looks sort of purple to me in this picture. Does it look like that to anyone else? It may just be me lol
  11. That color has a lot of flop to it so at different angles and depending where the sun is etc it will look dark blue in some spots and purple in others. Either way it looks good in the picture ;)
  12. Well thank ya!
    I was hoping to pick up the car today but never got the call. So I guess they got busy on something else :shrug:
  13. Don't mind how I double quoted your post lol
  14. Congrats! I was all set to leave some nasty comment about "is it painted yet?" but I clicked and there it is!
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  15. Ya the body shop business is like that. If you think it will be ready on a certain day it usually takes two or three more lol
  16. I like the darker blue. Very nice. And those 5-spokes will look awesome with it.
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  17. This is so true haha. I called today about lunch time and they said it needed a few more hours and that it'd either be done late today or tomorrow. So it's gonna be tomorrow
  18. It's so good to see blue on it finally! I'm actually getting excited. But there's so much more work to do. Sometimes I wish I had just bought a good car. I always have to get projects lol
  19. approved!

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  20. YUP. I could've bought a super low mile survivor garage queen with all the cash mine has stolen. What fun would that be to have a mint car with no miles for less money? :chin