Then and Now. '88 LX

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    Got the correct wheels this time around :D

    Also about the painting ordeal. One of the guys from the body shop came up and looked at it. He said they were real busy right now but if I wanted to go ahead and put some more things on the car then they'll just work around them when I bring it in. So next week I'll be putting in the new rear end along with the new control arms and I'll also be doing all the braking stuff like the Cobra master and the adjustable proportioning valve. So I may just end up driving the car down there here in a few weeks so they can get all the trash out of the clear coat
  2. Very good to hear!
  3. Put the new rear end in tonight along with the control arms. Tomorrow sometime I'm going to find some adapters to go from the fox hard lines to the soft SN brake lines. Plus new shocks for the rear, and then after that I'll put in the Cobra master and the adjustable prop valve.
    I'm glad this thing is finally moving along. Oh and 255/40/17 tires are too wide with my front coil overs. I had to order spacers, and I went ahead and ordered longer studs just to be on the safe side. They'll be here Friday, so sometime this weekend my car will be sitting on all 4 of the Saleen wheels.
  4. PICS when it happens!
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  5. So the Cobra master I ordered through O'reilly's didn't come with the reservoir, I guess I should have specified I needed the reservoir??
    Anyways, the rear is in and all I have left to do is get the adapters for the brake lines and do something about the park cables. I really don't want to get those conversion cables and then have to dick with my E brake handle -_-

    IMG_0692.JPG IMG_0694.JPG IMG_0695.JPG IMG_0696.JPG IMG_0697.JPG IMG_0698.JPG
  6. Quarter inch wheel spacers and a few love taps with a hammer onto the bearing cap allows you to run center caps on wheels you typically can't with the Mark 7 5 lug rotors IMG_0705.JPG
  7. Looking better. Black satin spray bomb in the wheel wells and on the fuel tank cover makes them look clean. After you scrub them of course. Pics on the ground please.
  8. :rock:
    Very nice looking wheels! When I get time and money I'm gonna need to go 5 lug.
  9. Dad parked his river boat trailer under the car so once he gets that out of the way I'll let her down and take some pictures
  10. wow, first ive ever heard of someone parking a boat under a car! :eek:
  11. Just the trailer. The boat is on the other end of the shop getting some fiber glass work done to it
  12. haha, so its still a trailer under a mustang?
  13. Sounds like the Mustang is just hanging around.
  14. New wheels are looking awesome.
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  15. Yep :p
  16. Yeah she's just up there relaxing :lol
  17. For some reason I'm not getting the updates for the threads I'm watching :nonono:

    Good stuff man, she looks ****in' :nice:
  18. Some threads I don't get updates for either :(
    And thank you!
  19. Man that thing has come a loooooonnnnnnnggggggg way! Nice. Now lower it.
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