they are talking close to 6 bux gal

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  1. Well they are saying that in some states gas will be nearing 6 bux by this summer, thats what we get when we dont drill here and drill now, plus not allow the canadian pipeline and viola.

    certain people would like to seperate us from our cars and make us all use public transit like a bunch of commies.
  2. I hear ya! It's $5/gal (converted) where I live at the moment. Sucks!
  3. Neither of those will do anything to reduce gas prices. The supply of oil is plentiful. The US is already the US's biggest supplier of oil, and it's the Canadian pipeline afterall. Things like EPA restrictions and taxes don't help anything, but that's not where the bulk of the price is.

    I'm not at all a fan of government intervention in economic issues, but something is going to have to be done about the oil companies (and their gouging) shortly. When you have just a few companies (re: NO competition) controlling the supply aspect of a product with a VERY inelastic demand, that spells trouble at some point. EVERY oil company posted profits in the TENS of billions of dollars last year, all-the-while my gas bill each month is still the highest of ALL of my bills.....yea, something's not quite right there.....and the worst part about it is that I have no choice.
  4. Yup. Time to regulate big businesses. From what I've read at $4.00 a gallon is the price point where people really consider where they are going and is it really important. It seems that they could use this to push more of the alternative fuel crap on us though even though that technology is way far from where it needs to be.
  5. The old $3 is now $4. Just like people had an uproar when gas hit $2.50 years back, they'll keep taking it.

    The current administration (and their energy secretary) want $7 a gallon gas and doubled down on the idea when someone in the press dare ask them about it. (You can look that one up yourself). They've since become more silent on it lately but fully believe that's the only way to get people to move to their subsidized alternative energy plan.

    There are so many reasons the gas is high and most of them we could control, but we don't. If you want to see a big reason the economy just can't get out of it's own way, think about how much the average Joe is spending on gas that he could be spending on other things.
  6. sneakygt,

    I beg to differ. Big oil makes slightly less in terms of percentage profit than the average of industry and thats from a standpoint of profit from every dollar spent. google it and you will see.

    This is what baramis wants , for people to hate big oil. He says things like how permits for oil drilling have gone up in the last 4 years and to an extent they have, but only on private land. On public land, permits have gone down substantially since he has been in office.

    Its a lot about about global demand as emerging countries are suddenly wanting their share, india, china etc. if you increase the supply, prices will fall ,that is a law of economics, period.
    But also you are right in terms of epa restrictions.
    I definetly think the current admin could care less about the good old AMERICAN pasttime of owning and building hot rods.

    The higher prices are definetly a combination of different things, but the current admin has done absolutely zero to bring the prices down, why, because they want just the opposite. Just look at the restrictions they have put on the coal indistry over the last 4 years. they are killing the coal states.

    Its amazing how the price of gas dipped down during the election.

    And saying its time to regulate big business is rediculous. dont we have enough regulations imposed on us right now. Why do you think we lost most of our good manufacturing jobs over the last 40 years, because we have one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world , plus in a capitalistic economy the govmt cant be allowed to regulate prices, the price for commodities is based on what the market will bear. regulating prices is ok in socialistic or communistic environments but they (socialistic, communistic) never work too well anyway.
  7. I always lol when I read these kinds of threads, everyone ****ing about gas prices and talking about in the old days when gas cost blah blah blah... there's nothing the government will do b/c they are making money and same goes for the oil companies (cough Exxon #1). All this bs about the federal government being the issue, check out state taxes next time your at the pump. NC has one of the highest taxes on gas on the east coast. If you want to be pissed at the goverment, be pissed at your local branch.

    PS a lot of people that live in Charlotte, drive over the boarder to SC so they can save 20-30 cents a gallon. Crazy huh?
  8. Agreed, but the federal govmt is the one putting all the restrictions on industry with cap and trade regulations and all this carbon footprint bull.

    Ill say it again, drill here drill now and create tens of thousands of jobs while at the same time lowering the cost of gasoline and reducing our dependance on foreign oil.

    pennsylvania is considered the saudi arabia of natural gas but due to federal restrictions it is mostly just sitting in the ground doing nothing.
  9. I would like to see it hit $10 a gallon, there are way too many douchebags on the road.
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  10. Guess that's one way of looking at it Kilgore... I could potentially be the fastest car on the street! haha the 2v 4.6 is teh winnar!
  11. I know some of you would like to kill me for what I am going to say LOL
    but this is one of the benefits of studying in the gulf area .... right now I am studying in QATAR,. and the gas cost only 27 CENTS per litre *after they rise the price that used to be around 20 cents only LOL
  12. Yeah I hear ya trueblue. heck, if it hits 10 I may even to get a couple of wins.
  13. EXACTLY! Right now, just on traveling to and from work, I'm spending more each month on gas than I am on: apartment rent, electric bill, food bill, beer bill, everything. There is no single bill that I spend more money on than gas, not even go-fast parts for the Mustang. :D If I had an extra one or two hundred bucks each month, you better believe I'd be spending some money.

    But why in the world would the oil companies want to increase the supply when they're already making a killing at $4.00 a gallon? The demand is [relatively] fixed. So if they increased the supply to the point that that $4.00 gas was only $3.00 gas, they are effectively decreasing their revenue by 25%. Supply and demand economics go out the window when one or the other is inelastic (in this case the demand for oil is VERY inelastic). Therefore, the cost is [mostly] determined by the supply, and when you have the supply controlled by a very small group of people with no competition, they can do whatever they want with the supply to maximize profits, even if it means dropping the supply to the point of $10 a gallon fuel (or whatever).

    And I promise, there is no shortage of oil supply.

    Trust me, I'm as conservative as anybody; I despise the high NC taxes on gas and I despise most of the ridiculous EPA regulations (and let's not get to talking about Barry....). Regardless, those things are responsible for well less than 25% of the total cost of a gallon of gas. But you are wrong if you think the government is the reason for gas prices being high. It is 100% the speculators (which should be thrown in jail) and the oil companies maximizing profits on our hard earned dollar. Nothing more.

    You guys don't have oil companies holding supplies back in your own country artificially driving the price of gas up. That's the difference.
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  14. I guess what I have a hard time understanding is how everyone is broke and or unemployed but everyone seems to be able to afford expensive smart phones and eating out three times a day?
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  15. Oh well see what I started. LOL
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  16. yup gas prices suck
  17. How about we reduce consumption instead of complain about gas prices? Everyone here knows oil is a limited resource, yet they continue to demand big trucks and SUVs that get 12-18mpg.

    I paid over $7/gallon for diesel when I was in Germany last May. Gas prices were lower at that time, plus the exchange rate was very favorable due to the Europe financial crisis. They typically pay $8-10 per gallon over most of Europe.

    I had a 3 series bmw with a turbo 4 cyl engine that got ~40mpg. I certainly was not nice to it and still got 40mpg! I reached a GPS indicated 141 mph on an open stretch of the autobahn, and ran 100-110mph when traffic allowed and it wasn't limited. Also spent quite a bit of time in city driving. The start stop feature was seamless and comfortable. I would be happy to buy something like that here, but US emissions makes it difficult for diesel engines. Europe has lots of small cars that can do 70-80mpg no problem, and even some big jaguars that do 50+ mpg. And here, we are impressed with priuses with low rolling resistance tires that handle like a shopping car with all the power of a leaf blower. :rolleyes: I have driven several priuses on business trips and regularly get 35-38mpg in highway driving. Not impressed.
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  18. This. ^ they are drilling here on private land and the people and farmers who own the land are making a killing.. But it's doing alot of damage to people's drinking water. And word is after they pump out most of the natural gas they are going for the oil underneath it. Chances are it won't be sold in the USA it will just be exported
  19. you know what forget it. I initially did reply differently however IMHO this is becoming too political, but I will say this, ever one has their motivations, nuff said. IMO , no need to become inflammatory.

    However on another note, a very kind and caring policeman doled out to me 3 tickets earlier today, that were quite hurtful to my budget, but he was a kind and caring man.