they are talking close to 6 bux gal

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  1. They show it on the news here constantly. Where they are drilling is out in the stick where people still get well water. It really does do :poo: to the environment believe it or not. The gas companies are also putting huge pipelines in here. The natural gas bills here for home heating have went down like crazy. I'm also pretty sure the gas companies are paying to have water service piped to the areas where the wells are being contaminated
  2. The oil companies make half as much off of each gallon off gas sold as the government. Oil and gas companies are not the problem.
  3. In the last 30 days, gas has risen almost 5o cents a gallon (which is a 15% increase), the fastest climb in a decade. Meanwhile, in this same 30 day period, oil has dropped $4 a barrel (which is over a 4% decrease). 'Splain that one to me.

    Like I said earlier, I don't deny that taxes and EPA restrictions play a decent portion in the cost of our fuel (it's around 20%). But they don't change drastically like this most recent spike. Something else is going on. And if you're crazy if you don't think it's the speculators and oil companies that cause these wild spikes in prices.

    The speculators 'see' some incident in the future might happen [emphasis on 'might'], buy up [almost] all of the futures in oil, thus hopefully driving the future prices up. Meanwhile, the oil companies see this [potential] increase in price, hold onto their crude, and wait to refine it when the price is higher so that they can sell it for that much more money. And it's a win-win for all the sellers involved. If the 'incident' the speculator was counting on happens (Syria goes to war, or there's an earthquake in Asia, or some Arabian prince tweets about Iran [true story], whatever), the prices actually go up, and good for him. But if the 'incident' doesn't happen, then whooppiddeedoo. Being an inelastic product, we, the consumers, are going to buy it whether it's $3 a gallon or $4. They don't lose a dime on it either way.

    I'm really looking forward to the day when there is a real, economically-viable alternative to oil. Because when people have the choice of whether or not they buy oil, and they actually stop buying oil, THEN we will see true supply and demand economics in the oil market. And the price will fall like a brick back to reasonable levels.
  4. ^ well said.
  5. They are not making that much money after production costs, title , leasing, royalties and title opinion. That being said the epa constantly puts more restraints on them. we will never see an oil alternative. The government wont allow it. Our economy is in shackles and we should all expect to see worse at the pump with the higher taxe rates (one reason pump prices are going up)
  6. Drilling does absolutely nothing to the environment when done halfway responsible. You are correct when u say they are havig water brought in which costs a TON. The ironic thing is that they hit water all the time when they drill but they are not allowed to use it fir fracking or anything because the epa deems it as "environmentally hazardous" because they used "oil drilling equipment" when finding it. We deal with it a lot in out company and its ridiculous. If someone is contaminating your well, it is gross negligence. I have drank some of the water we have hit and its as clean as bottled water.
  7. So all the well water that's being affected, the Forrest's that are being leveled just to drill has no environmental impact? Not to mention there's lakes and creeks now that have bubbles comming out of the ground underneath the water. It definitely has an impact on the environment. I'm all for drilling here but it does have side effects. The area I live is still recovering from all the effects coal mining had on the environment.
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  8. $7-$8 per gallon is nothing..............................I pay $18 plus a gallon for C16....Lol. A 55 gallon drum of C16 cost me just over $1,100.00 after taxes.
  9. There is no need to level forests anymore due to horizontal drilling. Whoever is doing work out by you are a bunch of amateurs. Im in the oil and gas industry and anyone truely harming the environment is being negligent and are more than likely facing fines.
  10. Damn... I remember when it was 800$ for a 55 gal drum of c16
  11. This guy knows what he's talking about.

    The issue is two fold. Sure, oil companies halfway get away with murder. But it's a non renewable resource that nearly the entire 7 billion+ people on this planet use. People forget first you have to find it ($), get to it ($), drill it ($), transport crude ($), possibly SELL it to refiner ($), refine it ($), transport ($), sell wholesale ($), ADD tax and retail profit, boom = $$$. Also much of it is getting far more expensive to acquire, seeing as offshore and article drilling is far more common.

    I love my American made mustang. It's a toy that I drive on the weekends. It sucks gas. America is addicted to gas hogs. So many people I know buy vehicles way larger than their needs with the biggest engine they can get then fuss about gas prices. Next time your out driving pay attention to how many trucks/SUVs are running around with minimal passengers and no load. America doesn't want efficient, America wants cheap energy.

    I'm honestly more concerned with an overall lasting supply of the stuff that supports life as we know it and less concerned with the price of the stuff. It's gas guys. It is what it is.
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  12. I hear these rumors every single year I think, and I haven't seen it stay over $4 a gallon for more than a couple weeks here and there. I'll believe it when I see it.
  13. See? Just like that, with the simple idea that gas might go way up, they have you believing that $3.50 a gallon is perfectly fine.
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  14. I'm far from perfectly fine with $3.50, more like $3.70 here last I checked. I'm just saying I hear these rumors every year and it never happens.