Things are looking up!

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by TweekedGT, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Well i finally got my block back from the machine shop this afternoon. It's been there for damn near a month. Had problems with pistons but everything is finally done!! I have this weekend off so I can install the internals and hopefully get the motor together and back in the car. Don't know if it will all hapen this weekend but at least I finally have something to work with!! I'm getting so excited I'm going to wet myself. I still have to install cams, injectors, fuel pump, blower, and on and on..... It's coming though!! Hopefully in two weeks I won't have to sit in it and make vroom vroom noises. It will make a nice little whistle all on it's own :D . Just had to share, this has been a real nightmare so far.
  2. gooood luck man.. i hope she comes together right for ya. should be a monster
  3. Good to hear you can see the light...i was starting to get depressed myself. Every reputable builer I contacted was 3 months behind...I found a really good one today who can have my Big Bore ready in 4 weeks...I just need to ship my block/crank out.
  4. I hear ya man. Keep the faith!! Every aftermarket performance parts company is crazy right now. I've been waiting on almost every part I've ordered. Finding somebody to do and 4.6 machine work is ridiculous too. These things have been out for 10 years!!!! Good luck, I hope everything works out! :nice:
  5. Thats the problem...not too many good shops that i would give 4,000 dollars to build my shortblock. Obviously others feel the same since everyone is backed up for race season.