Things to like about the 05

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  1. 1. Front facia is one of the best stock ones ever on the post classic cars. I hated the way they started diving backwards from the bumber down after the 93. In my opinion, the aftermarket will have a hard time improving on this one.
    2. The fast back look.
    3. Finally got the stance to look like its not jacked up in back.
    4. That big GT badge on back. Rear look on car is nice(except spoiler).
    5. Freaking awesome interior. If you did not call it retro, most would not have even known. Good job of making it retro and modern.
    6. Quarter windows.
    7. More room in car.
    8. All new suspension.
    9. 300hp.
    10. Throw out 1-9 and just say I like the whole enchilada. :nice:
  2. i'm most impressed with the improved weight bias on the new car as well as the 3-link rear suspension. this mustang is going to be worlds better than the '04.

    also like: more power and most of the styling.

  3. I like the power plant and the front 1/2 of the car. The interior and the latter half of the car can suck my nuts.
  4. Man, if it could really do that I would definately buy one. :rlaugh:
  5. For me the biggest things are:

    Less front overhang.

    A stiffer, modern body.

    No more exploding gas tanks.

    A real, large front grill and big headlights. I hate the "aero" look. American muscle/pony cars should look tough.

    Price. Seems to have stayed about the same, and a sub $20k V8 will only sweeten the deal for me.

    I really have no complaints about the new car. The only unkown for me right now is durability and dependability with some of these new electronics.
  6. I like the power and the style. It's better than the prototype. Don't really care for the instrument cluster, but i'm sure there will be an aftermarket one. :D
  7. For me its "the look". Heritage with great power and awesome styling.
  8. What is it about the interior that you don't like?
  9. For me, the biggest thing is the 300hp. I also love the whole look of the car. God bless American muscle! :flag:
  10. The only thing I would have to have removed right away is the rear spoiler. Other than that I love the thing.
  11. styling