Fox Think I Fubard My Windshield Moldings

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  1. Took my moldings off to sand and paint being very careful not to bend them. Put them back on and they are far from straight now. One thing I did notice was that the clips didn't go back in very well. If I install new clips do you think the moldings would lay flat against the glass again?
  2. Oh snap! I was just going to pull mine to paint. Guess I wait and see what happens with yours. Did you have to torque on them or something to get them off and perhaps thats what did it?
  3. They have some give, the trick was to find where the clip was and that's where you put pressure. I'm glad I pulled them. There was a bunch of roach and leaf debris that was just holding moisture.
  4. Not sure which specific trim pieces you're talking about? But I found a number of them are tricky off, and tricky back on. Maybe if I did this repeatedly it would become easy, but as a one off experience I went in expecting it to be a PITA.

    FWIW, when I did mine there was some trick to getting the clips engaged properly. When they were not fully engaged I would describe the look like you do above, and they looked noticeably off. So based on that I'm fairly confident you haven't actually messed up the molding itself. Almost certainly you just need them reattached properly.

    Not sure I can describe exactly how I did it, but after playing with them a number of times and noticing that they were still not all the way in I continued to try and reseat them until I got it right. Best way I can describe it is to work to align the entire piece before trying to fully engage the clips. I found that if I engaged the clips starting at one end, then often at the other end it wouldn't align and so those clips wouldn't engage right, and it was then too tight to slide it around to get it to fit right. Once I got the hang of it though it got easier, so stick with it...

    Good luck..
  5. That's what I'm hoping. A few of the clips popped right back into place but a couple would just not go back in. The tension they put on the trim should force it to lay flat against the glass. Going to order new ones from lmr and see if they go in better than the old ones.
  6. ive done a few of them,only time i had that issue was when the channel bends from taking them off,i just bend them in a bit and they seem to clip in fine for me...