think I got ripped off... :(

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  1. i sent a money order for a cobra r hood on here and he cashed it on april 29. i havent heard from him since april 27 and im starting to get worried. i know theres probably nothing i can do about it now except wait and see if he is gonna log back in and send it or at least reply to my messages. hopefully im jumping to conclusions but i got a bad feeling..
  2. If you have proof that you sent him a money order (hopefully you kept your copy) and he does not send you anything you do have options.
  3. yeah i still have the reciept. hopefully he will log on soon and let me know whats going on. im just getting worried since he hasnt even logged in since the 27th and he would have to log in at least to get my address.. i guess i have to just wait it out and see what happens.
  4. Shoot a PM to timeless2, regarding this. If the member doesn't return, at least they can be banned.
  5. alright im really hoping he at least contacts me. its not looking good though. thanks for the help
  6. hopefully something just came up over the weekend and he will contact u monday or tuesday
  7. I wouldn't get all excited about a few days. I know it stresses me out when my money is out, and I have nothing to show for it. Give it a little more time and see what happens.

  8. im gonna give it at least a week and see what happens. hopefully im just overreacting.
  9. If the guy happens to be located in middle tennessee, he may have gotten flooded. We are having some craaaaaazy weather here, worst ever recorded.
  10. nope, virginia
  11. unbelieveable weather. i am 1.5 hrs east of nashville. there are 3 different roads to reach my house, all flooded saturday night. nashville has over 10' of standing water in places. the crest level is anticipated to reach 50', a record. 8 deaths due to flooding. thoughts and prayers go out to all those folks.

    what area are you in?

    (sorry for the hi-jack)
  12. I'm in Knoxville, but I'm from Springfield and all my family lives in Springfield and Clarksville. Luckily we didn't get a lot of rain here, but my family back home had their downstairs flooded. Got several inches of rain in the house.
  13. where in virginia? i live in the DC suburbs and if it is northern va, i could possibly do some investigation for you
  14. clintwood ,va. i still havent heard from him. last time i got a message was the 27th. about a week now. and he cashed the money order on the 29th. so unless he got my address off the envelope i sent the money order in and shipped the hood without notice its not looking good.
  15. dang, that is almost 8 hours away from silver spring, in the westernmost part of virginia.

    i guess i won't be stopping by there over lunch any time soon, sorry.

    i would call the local police there and ask if there is anything they can do for you.

    the phone number is (276) 926-8710
  16. You, Should not have sent the money order, I have sold some parts to stangnet peps and i never accept money orders, I always use paypal, it's better for both party always, other then 3% paypal fee but that's nothing,

    Anyhow, Since you bought big item like hood, i would give it at least another 2-3 days but then that's it! I bet he misquoted you the shipping cost big-time! BUT he should have kept you in the loop.

    I bet UPS wont take it, fed-ex gonna charge him something like 250 to ship that hood, Best bet is truck freight but that's still $150+,

    I hope you have his phone #, if you do tell him to ship that hood greyhound, That's the cheapest way and you pick it up at the station. another cheap way is kinko copy center, they have fed-ex account so they can ship the hood little cheaper and kinkos ship like item like that all the time, Picture frames and etc etc.

    I hope everything works out and it will :)
  17. thanks for all the help. i still havent heard anything from him. im gonna give it to the end of the week and see wut i can do if anything. i shouldnt have used money order i know. he didnt have paypal and i was anxious to get it before someelse did. stupid move i guess. live and learn
  18. Yeah its just one of those learning experience... Ive been there... But I only use paypal because its the safest way. Most people who dont have or take paypal you can be sure its a scam
  19. yeah i wont be making that mistake again. if i dont get it by the end of this week, which i dont think i will ill let ya guys know his info so ya can watch out for him .