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  1. talked with the guy who is going to be building my rear last night...
    moser makes a bolt on end like a 9" end but with an 8.8 bolt pattern.

    im thinking i can run fox length axles these weld on ends. cut the tubes back a bit further and use stock SN95 brake brackets. am i correct in this thinking or am i missing something?
  2. If you're cutting the axle tubes to accomodate the axles (regardless of length), I would think that you could use whatever brake brackets you wanted. You're going to have to weld the axle housing ends onto it once they're cut to size anyway, correct?
  3. yup... say i need to cut 2 inchs off the for the ends anyway. and a sn95 is an inch wider id cut 3 inches off and weld there...

    btw those arent the measurements im just throwing it out there
  4. Yep... I get what you're saying. Were it me, I would measure the distance between the end of the tube and the inboard face of the tube bracket. In the end, you'll have Fox length axle tubes with faces welded on specifically for SN95 brackets and won't need any special brake brackets or anything.
  5. thats the plan... the guy doing it does just about every local racers rear end around here.
  6. Wow... his prices are STEEP! :lol:
  7. actually they are pretty low...

    <=-[srtthis check this out]
  8. See above. LOL
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  9. haha crap... i guess i walked into that one....