Think your msitake is bad? THE BIGGEST IDIOT MISTAKE OF ALL TIME!!!

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  1. Wow who took this thread out of retirement?

    You'll NEVER live it down....
  2. i dont know man...few years ago me and a buddy installed a TFS intake on my car one afternoon and got it installed and running and it ran great...let it run a few min then we hoped in to take it around the block...made the first turn and the car started bucking badly and quite running..tryed starting it and the motor was locked we pushed it back to his garage and just looked at the motor awhile trying to figure out what was wrong...tryed turning it over by hand and couldnt...then it got late so i went home

    next day we were at it again...stairing at the motor scratchen our i said "how bout i try starting it"....he said "ok" so i tryed and it turned over...and it actually now its running and we are both looken at the motor again scratchen our heads saying "WTF is going on!?", suddenly i hear this sound...sound of running water or i sorta lean over to the side and look down my car and see liquid running out the garage and down the driveway...i walked back and there was coolent pouring out both tail pipes!!! so i quick shut it friend says "hey, looks like you have yourself a V8 water pump LOL"

    i can laugh about it now..but at the time i didnt think it was to funny....oh, and we took the intake off and one of the gaskets slide down and wanst blocking a coolent passage :rolleyes:
  3. Man I love this thread. :lol:
  4. one of the best threads in the archive
  5. OMG! Washer fluid? LMFAO I'm reading this in full tomorrow!
  6. OMG... Best thread ever! That's GREAT! A funny **** up, that didn't really hurt anything! Classic! A lot of Banned people in this thread, too. :nice:
  7. worst thats happened to me, and probably worst so far (havent read all responses). my car just shut off on the freeway, so i coasted it to the exit which happened to be the one i was getting off of. Pulled over, look around, nothing looks damaged, check under the car and notice oil around the oil drain plug in the front, so i check the dipstick and there was no oil on it... I fugured the motor just seized and had it towed home. It takes me about a week to wrap up the motor i had on the side (stock but rebuilt) between work and other things....So I pull out the old motor and dropthe new one in, hook everything up, go to start it up and nothing... i'm starting to get worried that perhaps i didnt do a good job of rebuilding it. check connections and everything, give it another shot to no avail... it would just turn but not fire up, so i figured it was fuel or spark... fuel was good, so i took the control module and ignition coil to Autozone to have them checked out, turned out the module was bad. that coupled with the fact that the motor once out of the car turned fine(not seized), and there was no metal shavings in the oil pan leads me to believe the motor it self was fine, i just had a bad module and nothing else. I guess I really wanted to put that fresh motor in.
  8. **** this is an old thread :SNSign:
  9. i bought a Fiero
  10. Yup. Got in a hurry bolting down the fuel rail on my recently ported explorer lower and snapped the head off the pass side front fuel rail bolt. Worried about it for a minute or two and then got a 1/2" wide zip tie strap that we use for tying down big cables at work and tied the fuel rail down to the hard heater lines. Ran around like that for about a year.
  11. i broke a valve cover bolt off into the head today. I want to cry!
  12. holy crap, I couldnt believe when I saw the notification for this thread pop up in my inbox. I remember when I started this thread waaaaaaaay back. Now I KNOW Ill never live this down...

  13. :lol: :lol: :lol: At least you have the CT to remember it by :nice:

  14. and after all of these years, I just now noticed I spelled "mistake" incorrectly in the thread title...

  15. The exact same thing happened to me! except it was on the drivers side.
  16. Oh man, I hadn't noticed until you just now pointed it out :nonono: