Think your msitake is bad? THE BIGGEST IDIOT MISTAKE OF ALL TIME!!!

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  1. clean

    at least your upper intake manifold will be squeeky clean on the inside =)
  2. Don't feel stupid I almost did the samething.
  3. hmm. I've had a few. most recently, I found that when I had my brakes done, the guy who did them neglected to tighten the nut that holds the rotor onto the spindle. Instead, he had just put the lock ring on. Luckily, I noticed the wheel wobling when I was adjusting my clutch cable last week. I got lucky on that one.

    Right after my motor got finished, I was driving home, and the car got hot. Pull into a gas station, and there's my rad cap sitting on the battery. Two days later, the car starts running like crap after a blast down the highway. I get home, spend four hours looking for and sealing vac leaks. Finally, I go to the driver's side again, and look down. I see what I think is a vac line that came loose, but sure enough, it's the #6 plug wire. That'll give you a screwed up idle...
  4. Holy ****, back from the dead AGAIN... lmao I was wondering hmm wonder what I posted in this thread the first time...

    Lucky I only had to scroll down one post :D... Still haven't topped that one yet :p
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  6. THE!...

    THE DUMBEST THING I"VE EVER SEEN WAS A while back I saw this hillbilly punk kid at a Chevy dealership was taking a 98 Trans Am ram air ws-6 to have gas put in it and then clean and prep it for the customer who just payed for it and he is leaving the parking lot out the back so he can "rip into it a little" he proudly told us later, but anyways he jams second gear real hard and hits some gravel, which sends him sideways back and forth until he slides right into a brand new vette (also belonging to the dealership). Crunched the vettes hood real bad and then smacked a huge rock which trashed the Ram Air. Guy had like three chances to correct it before he whacked the vette too. We stuck around to inspect the carnage and watched the buyer of the car come around the corner after the cops come and they come to see what all the commotion is about, and they find the car they were gonna buy just got cremed. The Ram Air had 2 chrome wheels macked, and lots of not pretty body damage. We all were with each other and The driver was telling us that he only took this job so he could beat on the cars and we all laughed and then he felt like a moron when the guy said "yeah I just finished signing the papers to buy that car, you just wrecked my car man," and then it wasn't so funny anymore to the retarded lot-tech. It was so funny (for us!) to watch this unfold, we waited a few more minutes and then the boss shows up, and nearly every person at the dealership, it was funny as hell. The dude got fired AND I was told later on that he got sued for the cost of the Ram Air and the Vette Ha! :rlaugh:
  7. the dumbest thing i ever did was set the timing very wrong
    me and my dad were gonna change the timing back to get rid of some pinging cuz we got the car and it was pinging really bad and wanted to retard it a little

    so i went under the car and marked the balancer and i saw a little slit in it and marked that cuz it was my first time and i didnt know what exactly to mark. so we looked at that and put it to were we thought was 10* and then turned the car back on with the spout thing in and it ran like sh** and then i reved it up and it took about 5 sec just to rev up and then we set it closer to what it was when we started and it still ran like sh** and then my dad found a 10* mark a 0* mark and another 10* mark and we set it at the far left 10* mark (which was advancing it from where we just had it) which was also not good and then we set it at the other 10* mark at it worked fine it so we left it there it was bad we had to have had it at 20-25*after tdc :bang:
  8. I have 2 :(

    -How about 2 days ago I drain the oil from my Vortech/head/intake/cammed mustang after getting it all back together for the 2nd time (head gasket leak with water in the oil) and starting the car up and let idle for about 10 seconds. It hits me like a brick wall... I FORGOT TO PUT OIL BACK IN THE CAR..... :bang: :bang: Not only do I abuse my 120k shortblock with a supercharger, I drive it with water in the oil, than with no oil.... She still keeps on tickin.. :hail2:

    -I was in my 85' mustang with my dad driving up my driveway. My buddies are waiting there for us so my dad decides to do a nice little burnout on the driveway. So he does and than hits the brakes.... (my brother installed one of those "foot-shaped" gas pedal's which are very wide).. so instead he hit the brakes and the gas at the same time and can't stop! Half of the car is through the garage door. We go around to see the damage inside the garage.. :( My father's 1967 Corvette 427/435 was pushed right into our toolbox.. the whole front end was pushed over the hood and fiberglass was cracked everywhere.. This wasen't my mistake but my dads and my brothers gas pedal... Do I win the most expensive mistake?? :owned:
  9. ok i done alot of em too!
    1st one: workign at montgomery wards auto express i was helping a monkeyanic do a tune up on a 97 canmaro SS and i snapper a plug off in the heads, it was just the threads and below left in there and the mechanic gad to drill out the plug.
    2nd: working at belle tire i forgot to tighten up all the lugnuts on about 4-7 cars depending on who took the blame
    3rd: helping a friend do some work on his old turdbowl coupe i droped a socket down his turbo and he found out about 3 weeks later when his impeller was gone and he had no boost !
    and this wasnt mine but a guy working at belle tire put a brand new ford F150 with about 100 miles up on a hoist to put a set of rims and tires on it and when he took the rear tires off the truck fell foward on the hoist and the front bumper hit the floor and the tailgate smacked the bay door. :D glad i dont work on other peoples cars anymore
  10. Good thing!!! You're a dangerous guy. :nonono:
  11. i got a couple of good ones.My dad bought a brand new dodge dart in kapt going through front tires.3 pairs in a year and countless trips to dealer.On the last trip service manager said they solved prob. needed new front rotors. my dad wanted to talk to technician. yes sir the rotors were the prob i replaced them your all set. My dad then asked how he replace rotors on a car with drums all the way around? tech got so mad(busted)he threw his wrench against the wall and walked away. A local sevice station fixed it.turnes out torsion bar needed to be raised to proper more probs.
    #2.when i was a kid around '85 a guy brought his '84(i think)olds 442 black over silver,his/hers shifter etc. to the service station i worked at for a tune up. i did'nt know mechanic was a coke dealer at the time.also did'nt he was using more than selling. he put a 6 cylinder cap on a 305 v8 and sent it out the door.ran like **** obviously. customer had it fixed somewhere else but was pissed. the dealer/mechanic later had to give his 71 GTO mint 4 speed to HIS dealer to pay his coke debt. JUST SAY NO!!
  12. I had checked the oil in my old 87 GT. It was down 2 quarts cause of the leaky rear main seal. So i sent the ex girlfriend down to the part store to get oil. Well she comes back and says she put the oil in for me. I was like cool. Then decided to check the oil to make sure it was full. Well i pull the dipstick and its still down 2 quarts. WTF. So i ask her where she put the oil in. Yeah she points to the Radiator cap. Then tells me she burnt herself when she opened it from the coolant. So i figured that it was a good day to do a radiator flush!

  13. :rlaugh: :lol: I would run as far away from that place as possible
  14. A young friend of mine has a 1995 integra and has did minor bolt on's.. pulley's, header and k&n air filter.

    He is always going on about having 300hp at the wheels and always asking me for advice and help. I of course always give him hell for spending so much money and not getting much in return. Well he listens to me and has did all this to his car, he gets it dyno and it makes around 115hp at the wheels :nonono:
    Now at this point my friend has around $8-9k in his car and very tore up over all this. I tell him the only way to make any serious power is to get a turbo.

    Well he listened to me and with his dad's help he gets a nice turbo kit (t3 t4 hybrid) he pays $3.8k for the kit and pays a nice shop $800 to install and dial it in and dyno it. They get 8psi out of it before it pings, the guy tells him on pump gas he cant run any higher boost are more timing are the motor will be hurt. At 8psi the car makes around 164-171hp @ 6,700rpm at the wheels now and no pinging. His car makes the same amount of torque pretty much.

    My young friend is happy and I told him he just paid $4.6k for 50hp :rlaugh:
    He is now dead set on getting some pistons to lower his compression and says he will run 20psi of boost are more.
    I told him to replace his flywheel, rods and crank too why he was at it so the bottom end would stay together.

    I told him I respect what he did and what he is doing but he just enforced my thoughts that ricers pay alot and get so little in return.
    I then showed him the crate motors from coast high performance.... he just said he likes his rice, and I tell him I like rice with my chicken.

    I guess he is hot roddin his car and doing what he likes :nonono: I just expect more for my money and I love my stang and the great aftermarket thats out there for it.

    So anyone think $4,600.00 for 50hp is good investment? I guess with the right pistons, rods and crank he can turn the boost up... but his dad is making him pay off the credit card they used to order the turbo kit with, so he wont be getting them anytime soon. :shrug:
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    Originally Posted by shallto
    I took my Altima to a shop for tires. They had a big window so you could watch the mechanics work. I watched them pull my car in, and then I watched the guy remove the lug nuts from my hub caps. He broke all five of them off before he stopped and scratched his head. Guy had to buy a 90 dollar hub cap. I quickly cancelled the oil change I had scheduled for my wifes car the next day.

    hahah i have seen this so many times workin at belle tire, or funnier seeing how some 1 can try to lift up a car on a floor hoist by the exhaust and hearing it crush as it goes up and he still works on the car! :nonono:
  16. :stick: :stick: for reviving a 2 year old thread
  17. Almost everyone I know has had bad experiences with Jiffy Lube.

    Plus,changing your own oil isn't rocket science...even my mom can change her own oil,and she's automotive-illiterate!
  18. Ok,
    Since this thread has been beat to death then revived I think I will throw my funniest mishap in the mix. I do think It ranks up with the top few on idiocy.

    One day a friend and I were going to jack up my 01 Stang to put control arms on it. So you have to put the body on jackstands and let the rear sag down a bit. I didnt have any jackstands , but did have a chunck of rail road tie 2 ft long that I put under the rear of the car. We jacked the axle up and down to relieve pressure and installed the new lower control arms. Well I let the jack down from the axle and the tires went almost all the way to the ground, but not fully because I had forgotten the rail road tie under the car. I get in the car and crank it up. Now the added weight of me pushed the car down to where the tires barely touched the ground. I put the car in reverse completely oblivious to the fact it was actually still (up in the air on a board)
    I put it in reverse and the cars rpms came up like under a strain....WTF???
    I gave it some gas and the wheels started to make a scratching spinning sound on the rough pavement. I hit the gas harder (still not figuring it out) and lit the tires up completely while sitting still. First thing rushed to my mind was ..."Oh my god I have fugged up my driveline somehow"
    After getting out and laying down to inspect I layed there on the ground for 5 minutes laughing my ass off in relief and imbarassment. I jacked it up, removed the board and lived happily ever after.

    Now thats retarded :nice:
  19. Ive done all the classics (2 oil filter gaskets, left the drain plug out, ect) but id have to say the stupidest mistake was when I changed the alternator on my 1978 mach 1. I had been driving it for about 6 months since I got it back in sep (first car) and all the sudden my guages started reading funny one day while I was driving, then they stopped reading at all, then the car suddenly stopped running. well, sure enough, dead battery, 1 new battery later its dead again, so charged it back up, checked all my connections and narrowed it down to the voltage regulator because the alternator was charging fine. changed the voltage regulator and darn it, it still did the same thing. so I changed the alternator. and sure enough, same thing. well ill be darned if I didnt knock the plug to the alternator off when I changed the voltage regulator and then didnt hook it back up... so all in all it got 2 new batteries, an alternator, and a voltage regulator, as well as a bunch of ground wires all over the motor before I figured out it was just the voltage regulator and a bunch of stupidity.
  20. Almost forgot about this thing :rlaugh: I cant believe I started it that long ago and it still hasnt been pruned