Mach 1 thinkin about gettin a Mach 1, some ?'s

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  1. winter is over and i'm sick of being a ricer. I put the WRX in the paper, hopefully someone will buy it ASAP. If not, I'm taking a loss and trading it. If i do sell it, i could be left with possibly $5k then I'd see if it's possible to find an 03 cobra for like $26k and keep my payments under $415 a month, doubt that tho..... So i am thinking mach 1. originally iwantd another 96-98, but the mach's are lookin good. good numbers and prob as fast as my old cobra with mods, stock. you think if i can afford it'd be worth it or just get an sn95 again? i'd be happy gettin mid-high 12's with it. but do you guys think if i do 4.30's, o/r h, long tubes and magnaflows or flowmasters adn a short shifter it can be done? thats basically all i'd want to do. i'm goin to a dealership tomarrow with my dad cuz he knows a guy that works there and got me a good deal on the wrx for 20k last year when they were still 23k, so maybe he could get me a good deal on a mach. well let me know what u guys think... also i wanan be able to mess up Sti's when i see them, even Ls1's. thanks :nice:
  2. Go to and look in the forums for the For Sale forums. There was a guy up your way with an '03 Torch Red Mach 1 with 900 miles for $20000.
  3. With those mods you will easily smoke a lot of LS1's :owned: out there. I highly recommend getting the Mach. Not only quick but $hi+ loads of fun. :nice:
  4. Ok i went to the dealer today and they were saying that they can't go much lower than the sticker price of a black 03 mach 1. it's like 29k. the salesman says that i could take $5000 off or do 0% financing. they end up bein the same. i think i should take the 5k off. the problem is selling my car. if i sell it, i will have 4-5k to put down and hopefully tax return is comin soon. but how much are you guys paying for 03 and 04 mach 1's?? i thought ppl were gettin them under msrp? plus they only wanna give me 14k for my wrx with 27000 miles. :notnice: but i guess i'll see if there are any other BLACK or DARK GREY mach's around and see if i can get some more cash for my trade in or hopefully some one will call and buy my car.
  5. Sell your car to Carmax, they'll usually give you a better deal.
  6. i'm in rhode island i just bought a black 04 mach 24k...keep looking those stubborn dealers sit on them along time
  7. yeah i ask the salespeople and they say i wont find one under msrp but i tell them that people are getting them that cheap.... i dunno. someoe actually called for my car today so maybe it will get sold. i was thinking of the 03 cobra if i got a rebate but id ont think i can afford it.....

    how much do you guys pay for taxes yearly??? what about maintenance? how much more was it on insurance? less than the cobra right?
  8. Print some of these threads and give them to your salesman and tell him he's full of S_ _ _ !!!!. I'm a salesman(Lincoln/Mercury) myself and unless they just want to sit on their '03's they'll do a lot better than MSRP, more like invoice or below. If you look hard enough I'd bet you could get an '04 for invoice. Look at the Mach 1 Registry For Sale Forums and see what they're going for.
  9. insurance was $200 more a year for my mach over my 00gt, the cobra will be MORE plus theres a gas guzler tax..and not all dealers use rebate for svt cobra's..they wouldnt where i got my mach i tried..that black cobra is still sitting on lot
    I bought mine in October (03) and paid $26,200 w/0% financing. The dealer is
    fishing it's time to take a walk. You will love this car! It was a tossup for me between an 03 cobra or the 03 mach. The cobra is an awesome car for sure but once I sat behind that shaker I knew this was "the bomb". It only takes a couple of bolt on's to make it run with most anything out there on the street
  11. well after visiting a local dealer today I have concluded that salesmen are dumb as 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' around here. Not only do they know nothing about the cars, they don't even know the rebates and other incentives or their own inventory. The first guy told me there were no rebates on any 03 or 04 Mach 1's, then another guy overhears and is like "uh yea there is" and the moron is like, "oh, well i guess there is". then he's not even trying to sell me the car, basically saying well they're expensive. aren't they supposed to make a deal with me and get me to want to buy? he tells me they only have the one red one in the lot... then tells me to go down the road and see their other lot with a fence so i just went up there and there were 5 MYSTICHROME cobras, i almost nutted myself. there was an orange, silver, black and red 03/04's and 2 Black mach's in stick just like i wanted and 2 more red ones. I'm glad he told me they didn't have anymore... :notnice: what dumb people. he's sayin they won't go under MSRP and will only take the rebate from that... I'm like I heard of people getting them for $24 out the door and he says "well not here." I dunno... my friend's uncle works at a ford dealership in stamford and he said that Ford is still making Mach's and they can be ordered and that he could get us a deal, we both want black or dsg 5 speeds. We'd prefer 03's for the larger rebate and lower price but these salesmen are dicks and arent budging around here... too many rich fools that dont even ask for the rebate and just buy... oh well i guess i'll keep loooking :spot:
  12. last order dates are posted at i think they expired alrdy
  13. I saw a white Mach1 brand new on the way home from work today, and I want it. I ran some numbers off of Edmunds: MSRP 29,135 Invoice 26,591.

    When I bought my 2000GT, I offered 3% over invoice and they took my first offer (I was kicking myself wondering if I could have done better). I'm curious if that tactic will work on the Mach1. I checked this forum to see waht they are going for. So what are people paying for the '04 Mach1?

    According to Edmund's, 3% over invoice $27,388.00.
  14. Burlystang,
    Print the invoice and take it to your salesman and tell him that's what you're willing to pay for it. If he won't take it walk out and go to another dealership. Someone will take your offer. Take this from a salesperson(Lincoln/Mercury).
  15. Red Baron, I had the salesman pull up on his desk PC at the beginning of negotiation. The negotiations were short, indeed. He printed the invoice (22K, asking price 24K on a 2000GT in 2000), took it to the "Sales Manager" (that is so lame), and came back accepting the deal.

    I was stuck. I just offered 2K BELOW asking price and they accepted, so I drove away in a new Stang. But, I've always questioned that deal wondering if I coulda got it cheaper.

    Now, it's PRIME TIME to upgrade to Mach1, at a GT price, because I just drove by 80! Mustangs in less than 15 minutes. SUPPLY is much higher than DEMAND right now!