Thinkin' About Seats

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  1. I've got a Summit wish list.
    That Wish list used to be a mile long, but it is getting smaller. On that wish list is a set of two El-Cheapo Procar Corbeau wannabees.

    Now I've had a car that had seats like these in them before, and I cannot say that they were terrible. I did not like that stupid knob that you have to turn a bazillion revolutions to tilt it forward, then another bazillion turns to recline it back into position, but at half the price of a entry level Corbeau, they are just too tempting not to try.
    ( Think Chinese Turbo,......just as soon as I dismissed it and spent three times more for the BW,...the pro-chinee turbo guys came out of the woodwork espousing the reliabilty issues as bunk)
    I was thumbing through the latest MMAFF's mag at the Dr's office while waiting on two shots to make my dreaded lurgy go away,...and I saw these:

    Only I thought I saw them in Camel ( my color of choice), But..... I was wrong.
    Now these dudes are exactly double the price of the Procar seats, and do not come w/ sliders like the cheapies do. They do use a lever to quick release/recline the seat back,.....but I cant tell from the picture that my ass would consider the extra expense "worth it"
    406.00 vs 796.00......what to do,.....what to do?
  2. If i was a little taller, i wouldve gone with the Corbeau GTS II seats.
  3. Why not those GT500 seats in one of these threads floating around? $500 for the pair
  4. Concern would be for ride height after install.
    I had my sports seats on the floor in the red car, and after installing the SVO seat foams and recovering the seats w/ TMI's upholstery, It was like I was 4 wheelin'
    W/ the Corbeaus, or the wannabees, I know I'll sit low enough. It's just a matter of build quality.
  5. Well,..give me enough time, and I'll sell myself. It was that way w/ the upper, and lower C/A's, it was that way w/ the turbo, the cam, and just about every other decision I had to make where there was a "low road/high road" option to weigh.

    So it has come to pass w/ seats.

    I chose these:
    Grey Microsuede framing a black microsuede center panel. Bought them from LRS.

    Another 1000.00 to add to the "I don't wanna know how much I've spent" talley on the car.
  6. Annnd,.....They're on backorder.
  7. :( Hate it when that happens
  8. S-2.jpg

    i'll take 2 of these
  9. I'm not exactly sure,...but somehow I don't think those would be as comfortable as the Corbeaus.
  10. **** comfort! lol
  11. Kirkeys are more comfortable than you would think... I like them. Those corbeaus are nice though.
  12. ahem.........see my sig please
  13. funny footnote. For the first time in a million years, the wife is actually looking over my shoulder as I was writing this morning, and sees that I have spent 1000 dollars on seats.
    "1000 dollar seats huh?...You're gonna be doing alot more to help out around here with the bills if you have a thousand dollars to burn on seats"

    We have our bills split based on incomes. Since she made way more than me when I was working at Carmax, the bills were heavily weighted to her. Now that I'm working for myself again, and making more money, trying to convince her that my income isn't guaranteed was just a waste of time.

    As a footnote to the footnote, I cancelled the order on the Corbeaus and ordered the Summit seats. If I hate them, I can send them back. If I don't, I'll be able to buy the seats, and my torque converter for what the Corbeaus alone were gonna cost.
  14. the pro seats are with the pro covers. the nitrous car has those and ive been stuck in it for a few hours and it was fine.the turbo car has the standard and im not a fan of them. the covers just dont have the padding like the others
  15. I really like the CR1s and even the plain-jane A4s. The $800+ is what deters me like it does(did) you. But I've got knock offs now and get to experience what a half-assed "race inspired" seat feels like.
    :/ they suck
    So I'll be tacking $1,000 onto my "oh god I thought I had a planned for this" bill.
  16. Coincidently, the pictures of those poor old seats of yours are what motivated me to spend the money on the Corbeaus.
    It "was" my concern that they would not last, that they would be a literal pain in the ass, and back to sit on, and that the build quality would be so poor that they'd never pass for a fake version of the seat I almost bought.

    And that may still come to pass.

    Those Scat seats that I bought instead will be here today. (Another good reason for buying them) I've bought so much stuff from Summit that it's like they know me there. The very first thing I'm gonna do is remove both seats, look them over real good, and sit on one of them to see what it feels like. If they don't measure up, I know now that Summit will take them back, and for the most part, to have them shipped back to them.

    Bet you didn't know the last part.

    I know that I'm down to what potentially is the last 3000.00 left to spend on the car for major items. Buying the Corbeaus made that 3600.00. Now, in the grand scheme of things that looks like "only 600.00" more for the better seats, and what's the big deal. :shrug:
    In my case,...I've got a converter to buy, a fuel system, an electrical system, an audio system, the rest of the machine bill, and a buttload of ancillary little doo dads. If I don't stop the bleeding now,....I'll never get this thing done.
  17. Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I'm down to $4,000~ and I keep saying "just one more thing..." Be it Scott rod panels , corbeaus, hell I was a click away from a fresh set of MTs for a car that doesn't move. Hard to keep the focus when the Internet is my toy store.

    Glad to know my ratty ass 3A racing seats served a purpose for someone!
  18. See,.... You didn't even know that you influence people just by your presence.;)

    Yeah,...that's what this forum works best for. Positive reinforcement that you are not alone. For every guy that agonizes over the sole decision on what is the best CAI to buy,..there are those of us out there that spend one year funneling a small fortune into a machine that only serves it's purpose if it runs, and it takes the small fortune to get it that way.
  19. Well, as I said, they came today. I opened one of the boxes to inspect the seats and I believe that I can live w/ them. They are not very cushioned it seems, but they ain't like sitting on a concrete block either. I'll give it a go.

    View attachment 118704
    View attachment 118705
    They do have a knob that allows you to adjust the recline, and it appears that they also have a quick release to let the seat tilt forward for access to the back seat ( which I won't have anyway) They are also cut for a anti-submarine belt, (another feature I could give a rat's red bunion hole about), but none-the-less, they are there.
  20. I like those a lot Mike. Definitely add them to my list if they work out alright for ya.
    I just wish they didn't always have to plaster the company name on them. Just free advertising I guess