Thinkin of ordering these headlights & corners. Anyone try these out?

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  1. some people say the projectors dont offer as much lighting at night as a normal clear cobra headlight
  2. projectors blow. just my thoughts

  3. Well if that's the case then I can't get em. I need to be able to see at night:nice:
  4. i've had 3 sets, so far:

    1) stock--sucked monkey balls looks-wise and light output-wise

    2) smoked projectors--sucked look-wise (white outline around the headlight--defeated the "smoked" look) and the light output was ok, but would've been sweet w/ a nice HID kit

    3) smoked clears from blueoval that Matt, Nick, Aaron, and others run--they are teh TITS! look clean as hell and the light output is definately a LOT better, especially w/ the silverstars i put in a few weeks ago.
  5. I've had 2 sets-Even with HID's the light output sucks.
  6. i went to didn't see any lights??
  7. there headlights are cheaper than anywhere ive seen! sweet but i didn't realize that smoked fogs were like 100 bucks!!!!! thats crazy....i think it would look funky to have reg fogs and smoked lights....what a money pit i own
  8. Why not get them through Art over on sn95forums? We were able to get the first order at $165 shipped (same as blue ovals). Art has a thread going for another group buy. And this is what they look like with stock foggers and smoked headlights
    Not the best close up

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  9. wow those look pretty good... i just got clear headlights so i wanna wait awhile till i get smoked ones....old lady had a biotch fit.... but i need clear corners still he sell anything besides smoked stuff?
  10. smoked headlights FTW
  11. + 117.

    Smoked headlights are teh awesome!!1!.
  12. I hate mine, check my sig!
  13. I got my smoked cobra lights at Blue Oval Industries too and I love them. The look of them is way better than the stockers and even better with the lights on.

    Lighting at night is very good, but the clears are probably slightly brighter. I've had mine for a while and they've done great on late night interstate trips. No leaks whatsoever.

    My wife now loves the look of my car when I'm driving towards the house at night. I had her take the car out and back and it is totally clean looking. Stock lights never looked this good. Every time I see a 94/95 with stock lights in my area, they are always glazed over badly making the car look even older.


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